Eat out and Still get more FIT! Is it really possible??

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Going out for supper again? Reports show that almost 75% of us eat out at least once a week, and rest 25% (as you can guess) eat out few more times each week! These days with rushed work routines, everyone wants to eat out as it is a helpful alternative instead of getting back home tired and cook elaborate meals. Be that as it may, this sort of incessant eating out is the ideal formula for heftiness and illnesses. So, at this point what should one do? Eat just steamed vegetables? Decline to eat out? Actually, you can eat out effectively and make the most of your experience by figuring out how to explore any menu. Here are a few hints that will enable you to eat to your hearts’ content absolutely guilt free.

Know before you go:

You can check the menu on line before you go. Select and settle on the dishes which look solid. Be that as it may, it is vital to adhere to your chosen dish once you enter the restaurant.

Sit in a quiet spot:

While eating out, choose a seat that is away from TV and all the chaos. This helps in mindful eating and stops you from going overboard and having a feeling of guilt of overeating.

Have it your way:

Eat Out Smart- Ask Away

Before requesting your choices, get some information about the subtle elements of the meal. For example, ask if you can order a sandwich without cheese and mayonnaise. This will enable you to settle on more educated decisions.

Avoid Snacking:

Normally, most damage occurs even before the dinner begins. Those complimentary chips and starters can REALLY hurt your diet. What you can do is take out how much ever you want in a plate and ask the waiter to tale away the rest. That way you are saved from endless grazing on the snacks!

It’s time to be a salad person:

Eat Out Smart- Choose Veggies
Stop and Drop Diet

A serving of all greens can be your main course. However, see to it that the salad which is being ordered is actual “healthy” and doesn’t include hidden unhealthy contents (mayonnaise, sour cream, italian dressing….)

Mind your portions :

Eat Out Smart- Watch Portions

Restaurants tend to serve more per serving than an individual needs in a meal. Along with the “health quotient” one must look into the amounts of food consumed. As portion sizes of restaurants are different from that at home. Also, do not gulp down your food in a hurry. On the contrary chew the food slowly as eating slowly will help you realize when you are getting almost full.




Follow all these basic tips of eating out that way you will be able to enjoy guilt free dining no matter how often you opt to do so 🙂



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