Stress can hold us back! Here are 10 proven solutions…

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Just because you are not sick, doesn’t mean you are healthy… Stress is an important factor that determines one’s health.

Stress can be easily induced by smaller issues such as traffic jams, deadlines, spilled coffee and bad breaking news just as much as by more core issues like marriage, kids, family, life in general!

Stress not only disturbs sleep and mental health but also has negative effect on our Gastro intestinal system and nervous system. In the long run can become a risk factor for various lifestyle illness.


What is Stress?

Stress is something that causes strong feeling of worry or anxiety. [1]


10 proven ways of managing stress-

  1. Exercisecan be a great stress buster, it changes one’s outlook and the day will seem far less tense. Yoga is one such popular physical and mental health enhancer.
  2. Body Massagealmost a form of physical and mental relaxation, body messages therefore helps reduce stress.
  3. Being Assertive: assertive means being able to express one’s feeling while respecting others and their feeling. Assertive people tend to have less conflicts, hence less stress.
  4. Deep Breathing Exercises: Sit on the floor, with hands on the stomach, inhale through nose and count to five. Exhale as much as possible through mouth and then repeat the process for five to ten minutes.
  5. Reading: Read books that motivate you. .. positive and inspirational books, quotes.. drift yourself from negativity
  6. Stay Busy: Keep yourself occupied so that your mind doesn’t think of those matters that hurt you.( example if watching news that make you sad .. try not to watch it and watch something funny and light.).
  7. Do What You Liketry doing things that make you happy. Like playing your favourite sport, going on a long drive, hanging out with friends or calling them home.
  8. Avoid Using Electronic gadgets before going to bed. Try to minimize their use even while eating and when with family as well. Read, The Only reason you will ever need to keep that phone off the dinner table!
  9. Having Sweet DreamsTo start fresh it is important to end correct. That is, a good sound sleep for 7-8 hours is important. Maintaining a regular sleep and wake up time will help you have a stress free morning.
  10. Power of patience and positivityBeing positive and patient. Cultivate the power of patience, it will do you a lot of good. Smiling helps bringing out positivity, so try and smile, even if it hurts at first!. Read, Laughter might not be the best medicine, but it sure is “Free”

One extremely important point that we did not include in those 10 points is NUTRITION!

Right Nutrients and Right Nutrition can become your best weapons to combact stress.


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The Stress that we are talking about is not depression, but it is lack of happiness and self contentment.. So friends, be happy, be alive and say goodbye to an unhealthy lifestyle. Want to know the difference between Stress and Dperession, read, Dealing with Depression? Know how to break free!



Mubashira Chaiwala, Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator

Mubashira Chaiwala, Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator

Mubashira is a Certified Diabetes Educator and a Dietitian with specialization in Clinical and more specifically Renal Nutrition. She also has a certification in nutrition and exercise for fitness. Having addressed issues like weight management, diabetes management, and lifestyle disorders, her health mantra is "encourage healthy eating and conscious well being for better living!"

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