Worried about what Diwali will do to your waistline?

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Wohoo ! Our favorite festival DIWALI is around the corner, and I’m sure all of us are done with a lot of shopping, beauty treatments, lighting up the house, cleaning each corner and exchanging sweets ,isn’t it? Well above all, I’m super excited to wear my new bunch of Indian dresses this Diwali, but there is a small concern to add here, I don’t want to gain weight or feel guilty after binging on calorie packed faral for a week to come. Holiday weight gain is a real deal friends!

Are you too tensed about the same?

So here I’m to help myself and you, with some easy and practical ways to deal with all the cravings that come along with festivals.

Here are my rules of thumb –

  1. Enjoy the food that you eat

No matter what food you pick always make sure that you respect what comes to you and enjoy it completely. If you go off track and eat something that was not planned, feeling guilty about it is not going to reverse the effect.

Instead work towards improving the situation and take some conscious efforts.

Now you may be wondering how to do that, isn’t it?

Often when we cheat in one meal, we end up cheating for the entire day, this is where we are going wrong. We can always try and balance the day by making sure we eat more fiber and have a healthy meal rest of the day. This is how you can work it out.


  1. Break your morning fast with some healthy options

Most of the times dinners or meeting relatives is planned in advance and we end up catching them in the evening, in such situations make sure you have a healthy breakfast. Healthy meaning it should be a combination of fiber rich carbohydrates and proteins. And it does not have to be oatmeal, NO! It can be a multigrain paratha (Thalipeeth) with Dahi, or Dalia, or even my personal Diwali favorite, Milk and karanji with a fruit of course 🙂


Here are some more options – Tea with oats omlette / Moong dal dosa / Vegetable dalia upma with curd or milk / Egg omlette and chapattis / Cereals with milk and nuts / vegetable poha with some tea.

  1. Thirst can make you feel hungry

Surprised? It’s true!

The part of the brain which interprets thirst and hunger is the same and therefore it can lead to mixed signals.

Whenever you feel you’re hungry after having a good snack or meal try drinking a glass of water and wait for 10 mins. If it satisfies you, you were thirsty and if you still experience stomach grumbling only then go ahead with a snack!


Options –

  • To make sure that you have good water intake you can form a habit to have 1.5 glass of water both on empty stomach and sometime before going to bed. This itself will give you nearly 500 ml water and even detoxify your body.
  • Keep a bottle besides you which can keep reminding you of water intake and also help you keep a check on how much water you had in a day.
  • I have set a rule for myself, I have a glass of water each time I use the washroom. This in turn helps me drink more water.

Wanna bump up your water intake? Try Delicious Infused Water Recipes. Read,

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  1. Give yourself 15 minutes for a quick workout

The most commonly missed area during festive season is exercise. I know it sounds just too boring to exercise when celebrations are on the peak , but we can get smart there .

Options – 10 minutes of skipping + 5 minutes jumping jacks / Using the dance floor to get active for 30 minutes / gather your family and friends and play childhood games like dog and the bone , badminton , hide and seek , kho kho etc

This will bring back happiness and childhood memories too.


  1. Eat enough proteins and fiber when dining out

We all know this rule but go crazy when it comes to an execution. Let’s see how we can do that.

Options –Always start your meal with either a healthy soup or salad.

If eating Indian food, order a missi roti instead of the naan and kulchas / add a vegetable which is paneer based.

For non-vegetarians – lean meat that’s grilled or with gravy would be a wise choice.


For  Italian -prefer red gravy over white gravy and have more of rice based dishes like risotto instead of breads.


For Chinese – Rice is always better than noodles , to make it even more better have steamed rice instead of fried rice and add your desired gravy ( you can prefer non veg base or paneer based gravy )

You can even opt for a sizzler from any of the above cuisines.


Fast food – Select toppings or stuffing which are rich in proteins and salads, like adding some paneer , chicken , beans etc , avoid having soft drinks instead go for a fruit juice if you really crave for a drink ( don’t forget – NO ADDED SUGAR)


  1. Pick natural sweets


A lot of adulteration happens during festive season when it comes to sweets. If you cannot make sweets at home make sure your take a wise decision while choosing sweets outside.

Try to eat, gift and serve healthy sweets. Sugar free sweets are easily available in the market now.

Options – Nuts ladoos / Kheer / shrikhand / Bengali sweets / Sheera /chikkis / dink ladoos / dark chocolates etc


  1. Do not leave house on an empty stomach

I remember my friends saying “aaj toh party mein jaana hain” I will not eat full day and then end up pouncing on the party food ,now this is a bad idea. Enjoy the party food but if you have a snack before leaving, the portion size that you will have would be lesser than what you have on an empty stomach.


  1. Be a healthy host

Change the practice of serving unhealthy foods, the action starts from you. You can be an inspiration to someone.

Options – Instead of cold drinks , flavored fruit drinks , fizzy drinks  serve masala milk / jaljeera / lemonade / Fresh fruit juices.

Sweets – You can easily make oats ladoo , dates ladoos , chikkis , whole wheat muffins / whole wheat sponge cakes at home and serve that.


Last but not the least Burn less fire crackers, it simply pollutes the environment and these pollutants have easy access into our body which can be harmful.

It hurts other live forms around us. “live and let live!”  

Light up diyas , meet friends , have fun and stay stress free , enjoy your favorite food in the right way. And above all, help someone in the need to make your festive season worth a celebration.


Wish you all a super duper Happy Diwali and A Happy New Year.

Stay healthy, Stay Blessed!

Disti Vira, Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator

Disti Vira, Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator

Her fitness mantra is “do not start with a diet that has an expiration date, instead, focus on a healthy lifestyle that will last forever”. Disti has completed post graduation in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics. She is also a certified Diabetes Educator. She is keen on bringing together her acquired knowledge on nutrition and other health aspects with people’s goals to achieve a healthy life. For her fitness is not being better than someone else; it’s about being better than who we used to be. “We don’t have to be great to start, but we have to start to be great". So give your best! She can be reached at shahdisti@gmail.com for any consults.

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