New Year's Resolutions

Strong New Year’s Resolutions, Poor Executions, and BAD Failures! Why?

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Resolutions! Goals! New Year! Well, all of them have one common thread tying them… they come every 12 months, we start over, we start anew and accomplish each resolution or goal with chockfull of strength!

So the first 15 days…or lets stretch it to a month, are always energetic but come February and everything, all the resolutions vanish in thin air. Suddenly we don’t want to go out, no more gymming, no more eating healthy, and no more resolutions!!! But why this sudden change in plans? Did we start erroneous? Did we set goals that were unrealistic? Or did we suddenly stop loving ourselves?

According to various studies, almost 40% of the people say weight loss and getting fit is their New Year resolution. However barely 8% of the people are able to fulfil them. So what is it that the rest 32% of the people do that takes them away from their goals and not towards them? Do you also do the same things?

  1. Yo- Yo Diets: This is the first thing that we think of. Come 1st January and we would start off on a particular diet! So people fall for a belly slimming diet or a ketogenic diet or a GM diet or a lemon diet, banana diet! Phew! The list is endless..! You are on it for 2 days, 3 days or maybe a week too and after that you simply give up, mostly thinking “nothing would happen if you didn’t diet for a day” and you simply slip in that spiral! And ultimately you end up gaining oodles of baby or baba fat!

So the solution is simply to not fall in the trap. The diets are named as yo-yo because they have a cyclic effect, you start, you lose weight, you stop, you gain weight again and then you start off again! It’s a vicious cycle. Stop falling in the dieters wagon and hop on to eating normal food wagon minus the junk! This is something that will kick start your journey.


  1. Impractical Goals: Setting goals is great, thinking you can achieve them is even better but setting up targets for yourself that are practically impossible is the worst thing you can do to yourself. Setting a target of losing 10 kilos in 10 days is unrealistic as well as impractical. Even if you do end up losing 10 kilos in 10 days by not eating anything, once you do eat you will surely gain 15-20 kilos. Is that what you want? No…right?

So the easiest thing you could do is, set smaller, achievable and practical goals for yourself. Maybe 2 kgs in a month or so, no pressure! And once you are done with that, you can target the next 2 kgs and so on and so forth, and the best part about it would be, that you would surely end up sustaining it as well, which is much better than losing 10 kilos and gaining 20!


  1. Not seeking Professional help: Ohh yeah! Who doesn’t want free lunches! We don’t want to spend money to seek solutions to our problems. We Google everything, we self-medicate, buy over the counter medicines [which mostly backfires], and we also Google “free diet plans”. Why do we take our health so lightly? Does it not drive our daily activities? We don’t think twice before buying that expensive shoe or bag or going for that movie or lunch date! Then why think so much about seeking help from a person who knows what works and can sit with you and be happy to help? The thing with Google diets is that they aren’t customized as much as a diet plan is supposed to be. They don’t work as much as you might think they do! The same also stands for workouts, there isn’t a set of specific exercises that would give each individual the same result, but it varies from individual to individual! So Google exercises won’t necessarily give you the desired effect!

There are umpteen reasons why our weight loss journey or resolutions come to a standstill! We get demotidvated, start looking for some sort of social support but fail to find it and hence lose the essence. OR we simply become lazy and exhausted due to extreme diets that we start doing or gym for 2 hours in a day all of a sudden.

Do understand that something you haven’t gained overnight will not be lost overnight. So mulling over it and doing something crazy won’t help. Going slow and steady would always be better than going in for fast and something totally risky! So this New Year let’s pledge to love ourselves more, help ourselves more, be more sensible and be more healthy each and every day! Cheers!

Ashmeeta Bhatia, Dietitian

Having a master's degree in the field of Clinical Nutrition, along with a background of intensive research on the subject, she guides people with different dietary requirements. From sports to people with varied lifestyles, she has catered to all during her stint with Fortis Memorial Research Institute. Working with corporates has been on top of her agenda to bring about a positive change in their lifestyles. So, while the corporates take care of the business needs, she takes care of the nutritional needs and keeps them going in the humdrum. She can be reached at for a consult.

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