Pregnancy Week 5

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If your early home pregnancy test was a negative one  or showed just a faint line, now is the time to retake it. By week 5 your pregnancy hormone (hCG) has surged enough to be detected by the strip.

Now, we hope you have scheduled a visit with your ob/gyn already.

Week 5 of pregnancy might bring lots of emotions and a slew of symptoms along. Knowing that you are in fact positively expecting can be exhilarating, frightening, worrisome and blissful all at the same time!

Your baby’s Size

Your baby is the size of a watermelon seed! (Whoa!)

Baby’s Development

At 5 weeks, your baby looks more like a tadpole and is shaped like a bean than a human! Your baby is about 3 millimetre long at this point. Baby’s height/length is measured not from head to heals, but from crown to rump (head to bum!) since the baby is in curled up position and the limbs have not fully formed yet! At this stage, the baby is getting most of it’s nutrients from a yolk sac since the placenta is still not fully mature. Baby’s heart is formed and is big and it thumps, though not very rhythmically yet! Formation of vital organs like gastrointestinal tract (stomach, intestines), spinal cord, blood vessels has started.

Your Belly

Is still most probably not showing, though you might experience some bloating due to surging hCG.

Your symptoms

Morning Sickness: inaptly named, morning sickness is the severe nausea and queasiness that can persist all day long. Most women tend to lose their appetite and are not able to keep the food down because of this. It is extremely imperative to receive optimum nutrition during this time as any deficit can cause development complications for the baby.

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Sore Breasts: Surging hCG causes breast tenderness. This is even more common than morning sickness.

Spotting: Light spotting can be because of implantation bleeding. In case you observe heavy bleeding contact your doctor.

Cramps: Stretching of uterus, implantation etc. can cause severe cramping.

Exhaustion: Cramping, lack of nutrition and overall the process of baby development can drain you out beyond your limits. You may find yourself dozing off at unexpected times and places. Right now might be the best time to ask for much needed help with household chores. Make sure to catch some extra Zzzz every now and then…

Pregnancy Week 5 checklist for you

  • Schedule an appointment with your obstetrician.
  • Inform your loved ones, closest family members and a selected few of the good news. Bask in the love, glory and the support 🙂
  • If have not been taking folic acid/prenatal supplements, start taking 400 mcg of folic acid. Do consult with your doc about which brand is safe for you and your baby.
  • Speak with your partner about starting a savings fund for the baby.

Present content is not a medical advise nor should it be substituted for one. Please consult a certified medical professional for medical consultation.

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