Pregnancy Week 6

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Welcome to the week 6 of pregnancy. The week of rush and excitement. This is the time that you have newly found out that your are pregnant and you may have 1000s of questions in your head about what to do, what not to do, what to expect… Take a deep breath. It is ok to be anxious. Why don’t you start by reading about first 5 weeks of your baby’s development.

And once you are done with that, come back, we have a news for you-

“You have a baby now!” “No, not in another 8 months, you have a baby inside of you, right NOW. You are already a parent 🙂 Wanna see how your baby looks at 6 weeks?”

Your Baby at week 6

Baby’s Size

Your baby is around 3/4th of an inch, the size of a green pea 🙂 Expect a lot of growth spurt in coming days as the baby’s only mission in life right now is ‘to grow and get bigger’!

Baby’s Development

As you can see, eye sockets and a preliminary eye is developing on either side of what will become baby’s face. And did you look at that gigantic head! It is an indication that baby’s brain is developing rapidly. Another gigantic and most prominent structure that can be clearly seen is the neural tube which will go on to become the baby’s spinal cord. This neural tube closes this weak and it is extremely important that it closes without any gaps because that can cause neural tube defects. Which is why starting to take folic acid right from when you plan for a pregnancy is important as most women miss this critical period because they are unaware of even being pregnant.

Another yey news, your baby’s heart is growing and the heartbeat is now strong enough to be detected by an ultrasound! Yey!!

Your Symptoms

Hate to break it but the fatigue, tender and aching breasts from last week and also the nausea might be full blown this week too. The breasts are tender from increased blood supply as they are getting ready to lactate soon. You might even notice that your areolas are getting darker. Make sure to wear comfortable and protective bra. And for nausea, well, a lot of different women use a lot of different tricks that work for them, here are few that might work for you-

FIRST TRIMESTER NUTRITION: Giving your baby the best start!

A Fun Fact: Nausea during early pregnancy or morning sickness as we call it is actually a great thing! It is an indication that essential hormones are being produced. Research shows that morning sickness is positively associated with protective effect against miscarriages, birth defects and premature births. [1] 


Your Pregnancy Checklist for Week 6

  • Get baby’s dad involved in the experience of being pregnant. Reading this article together with him will be a good start.
  • Ask your partner for help with household chores.
  • By this time you should have had your first prenatal visit to your ob/gyn.
  • If you are anaemic (which a majority of Indian women are), your doctor will prescribe you Iron supplement. These are known to cause constipation, so make sure to eat wholesome foods that has fiber and also drink plenty of water.
  • Continue taking 400 mcg of folic acid.
  • And most importantly, just be you, and know that this stage is going to pass soon 🙂

Present content is not a medical advise nor should it be substituted for one. Please consult a certified medical professional for medical consultation.

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