Pregnancy Week 8

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You are about to complete the 2nd month of the bliss that is pregnancy, and congratulations as your baby is officially a fetus now #nomoreanembryo  🙂 Hey, you may not be able to keep the secret away from the world for much longer…

Wondering about baby’s progress and journey so far? Read Pregnancy Week 1-7 HERE.

How Big is your BaeBae this week?

It’s the size of a Ber!

Your baby is little over an inch this week. As big as a Ber! Seems big right? What do we keep saying about baby’s growth?

Baby’s only mission in the life right now is to grow and get bigger 😉

Baby’s Growth This Week

Tail’s gone, fingers and toes growing, and the back straightening up, baby does not look like a tadpole anymore! He/She looks like a little humanoid now. The heart has 4 chambers now. Bones are developing. Vertebral column is formed but is mostly still made of cartilage which will eventually become bony. Ears (internal as well as external) are taking shape. Umbilical cord is functioning and working hard to exchange nutrients and waste between mother and the fetus.

Development Highlight: Sparks are lightning inside baby’s brain cells. In other words brainwave activity has started, which means your baby’s brain is now able to send and receive electric signals.

Baby’s sex organs are still developing or undifferentiated, which is why it is little too soon to figure whether to paint your nursery pink or blue.

Your 8 week pregnant tummy

Now now now…you may have started to show a bit already as your uterus is stretching to accommodate the growing fetus. Again it is different for each expectant mum as some start showing early and some don’t till very last trimester! Moms expecting multiples may already have started showing. On an average, second time mums show up more than first timers.

Did you know that before pregnancy your uterus was almost the size of your fist, but now it is the size of a grapefruit!


Your Symptoms

Breast tenderness, swelling, morning sickness, and fatigue will persist. You might also feel sharp pain in pelvic area after sudden movements. This happens because your expanding uterus is putting pressure on your kiegel/pelvic floor muscles. These muscles are in charge of supporting and keeping your uterus, bladder and anus in place. Which is why doing certain exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor are always advisable during pregnancy.

Have you started smelling things you could not smell before? This heightened sense of smell is some say byproduct of increased blood flow, some say by product of increased oestrogen and other pregnancy hormones and some say it a by product of evolution as it warns the mother against possibly poisonous or infected things. Sleepless nights and weird dreams are  also a common occurrence.

Ever heard of pregnancy glow? Well little too much of the glow(sebum and oil)  can actually cause oily skin and breakouts. Before you grab that over the count acne medication, check with your doctor about it’s safety. And also be weary of “Herbal” remedies as Tea Tree Oil (A common topical acne medication) and Lavender Oil (Sleep inducing) as they are known to be weak endocrine disruptors.

Your Week 8 Pregnancy Checklist

  • Have your first prenatal visit with your healthcare provider.
  • Speak with your doctor about what is safe for you and the baby during pregnancy and what is not (medicines, foods, skincare and hygiene products)
  • Continue taking 400 mcg of Folic Acid.
  • Plan to share the news to your friends and family 🙂

Present content is not a medical advise nor should it be substituted for one. Please consult a certified medical professional for medical consultation.

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