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Pregnancy Week 9

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Week 8                                                               Week 10

Did you feel that?

What? A Hiccup or a Heartbeat coz that baby has got both!

Welcome to the 9th week of the pregnancy. Hang on there, we know you must be tired and fed up with all the fatigue, nausea and sleepless nights, but it is all gonna be over by the end of this month, so smile now 🙂

Your Baby’s Size

Aren’t you curious how big is your baby is this week?

As big as a grape!

Your baby should be around 1.67 Inch long by now. And if this growth spurt amazed you then get ready to be even more amazed as baby’s growth is going to be even faster here and onwards. What did we tell you about baby’s growth? That baby’s only mission in the life right now is to _ _ _ _ & get _ _ _ _ _ _. (If you have read through weeks 1-8, you will be able to fill in the blanks) And if you haven’t, you should totally go read it HERE.)

Baby’s Development at 9 weeks

Your little munchkin is moving a lot now since her/his joints are all working, arms and legs are getting longer and the fingers are not webbed anymore.  It can even touch it’s own face with it’s hand, make a fist and wait for this one… suck it’s thumb! Cute right!

Baby’s facial structures are getting more prominent. Eyes are fully formed and shut close now. Tip of the nose is formed. Other essential organs like liver, adrenal glands, spleen and gallbladder are forming too.

Your 9 weeks Pregnant Belly

Time to pack up your old jeans and get some new ones! You will notice your regular clothing getting tighter. For the beginning, you need to get new bras that will be supportive and comfortable both (no underwires please!). You might have to invest in new pants and tops as well. Avoid wearing tight clothes as it will put unnecessary pressure on your growing belly. Time for some shopping 🙂

Your Symptoms at 9 weeks

Alongside nausea and fatigue, you will start seeing a slew of new symptoms like vivid dreams, heartburn, mood swings, headache, nasal congestion, constipation etc. Good news is that most of these symptoms can be managed with lifestyle modifications.

  • To manage heartburn, avoid sleeping or lying down right after eating. Avoid greasy or extremely spicy foods as they are known to aggravate acid reflux. Taking walks after meals also helps.
  • To manage constipation, eating fiber rich meals and drinking at least 8-12 glasses of water helps.
  • Exercise (walks, swimming, water exercises, prenatal yoga) is extremely helpful in making sure you get good sleep, have regular bowel movements and does not get food reflux.
  • Keep the household clean and tranquil. It will help you with mood and also sleep

You will notice that you have been gaining weigh steadily, which is desired so don’t fret. How much weight you should gain and whether or not you are on the track, it all depends on your pre-pregnancy weight and number of babies you are carrying. Your doctor will measure and chart your weight and will also let you know how you are doing weight wise.

For Pet Parents

You might hear the anecdotal ‘pets are not good for pregnant women’ advise. And when you do, just know that they are not hating on your furbabies, they just want what is best for you. There is some truth to the tale as well. Pet litter may contain Toxoplasma Gondii, a parasite known to cause Toxoplasmosis. Now, it’s not just the pet litter that can be infested, even the soil in your garden and any raw form of meat can be it’s vectors. Pets that roam outside freely, and especially the ones that eat raw flesh are more at risk. If your pet is a completely indoor one and you are not feeding them any raw meat/fish, you can rest assured. But to be absolutely safe, excuse yourself from litter box cleaning and assign that duty to your baby daddy 😛

Your Pregnancy Week 9 Checklist

  • Speak with your doctor about which exercise will be best for you
  • Also check with them how you are doing weight wise
  • If you or your partner has a family history of any genetic disorders, now is the time to ask your doctor about baby’s Genetic Testing.
  • Continue taking prenatal vitamins and minerals
  • Avoid Raw Meat and Pet litter
  • Get new bras and clothes

Present content is not a medical advise nor should it be substituted for one. Please consult a certified medical professional for medical consultation.

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