Pregnancy Week 10

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Recall the image of the huge headed alien from any Sci-Fi movie that you can remember. You got a mental picture? Ok. Huge head that is almost half the size of rest of the body, bulged forehead, huge eyes that are wide apart from each other, straw like thin legs … No, it’s not the alien we are describing, it’s your 10 week old baby!

You have got a cute little alien inside you 🙂

Baby’s Size

At 10 weeks, your little alien is almost 2 inch long, as big as a Lime.

Baby’s Development

As placenta is fully functioning and umbilical cord is operating non stop to provide baby all the nourishment and oxygen, egg sac is no more necessary and is disappearing quickly. Baby is loving his water bed, he has learned to take sips of amniotic fluid and also to breathe occasionally. Amniotic fluid changes almost every 3 hours.

All of baby’s major organs have already formed and functioning. Baby’s stomach is producing digestive juices and baby’s kidneys are producing pee-pee. Sex organs are forming, and your baby boy (if it is boy) has testes that are producing testosterone already!

If you yourself are calcium deficient, it time to start taking Calcium supplement as baby’s tooth buds are forming inside the gums. Though they will not break out till 6th month. Speaking of teeth, bone formation has started. Cartilage in spine is being replaced by bone cells.

Want to know another fun fact? Your baby might grow some peach fuzz (fine hair) and nails this week…

Your 10 week Pregnant Belly

10 weeks means you are two and a half month pregnant. By now though your are not showing all that much but the change is very much visible. More than your belly, your breasts might give you away. Most women experience tender and swollen breasts during first trimester. Invest into some comfy and oversized bras as you might add a full cup size, or two! Now back to the belly, your uterus is now almost the size of a grapefruit (9-12 cm). It is situated deep inside your pelvic cavity and as the baby grows, it will expand outwards and upwards.

Your Symptoms

Have you noticed that your veins are visible now all of a sudden? Don’t worry, your skin is not losing it’s opacity. Remember all that extra blood pumping through your veins, that is what is causing their temporary expansion. It will all go away once you give birth, we promise. You may start to feel the aching pain on both or either side of lower belly. It is called round ligament pain and is caused by stretching of the round ligaments that support your womb. It is a normal occurrence and is mostly seen from second trimester onward but moms carrying multiples may experience it early on.

You may also notice increased vaginal discharge also known as Leukorrhea. This happens because of increased blood flow to the uterine region and also the surge in oestrogen levels. This discharge is egg white like in consistency and is odourless and colourless. It’s primary role is to keep infections at bay. If you notice it getting thicker or colored (yellow, brownish) and if it smells funky, get it checked as it may be a fungal infection.

Important First Trimester Tests

First Trimester Screening: Are you over 35 years of age? Do you or your partner have family history of chromosomal anomalies? Did you get your First Trimester Screening done yet? If not, call your doctor now and ask them about it. This screening is done to detect any chromosomal defects like Down Syndrome, Trisomy-21 etc. It is a Non-Invasive procedure during which your (mother’s) blood will be drawn and tested as maternal blood will contain baby’s DNS.

Did you know that mother’s blood will contain baby’s DNS as well..! It’s called “Cell Free Fetal DNA”. Amazing right?

Your baby’s functioning organs are formed by now and here and onward all that is left is growth and maturity. So in a nutshell if any of baby’s organs are formed defectively, you can find that out early during this screening via an ultrasound.

Nuchal Translucency (NT) Scan: During this ultrasound your baby’s back and neck is scanned for any deformity.

Chorionic Villi Sampling (CVS): is an invasive procedure in which tiny finger like structures (villi) from your placenta are extracted and sent for genetic testing.

Amniocentesis: A test in which amniotic fluid is extracted and tested for any genetic abnormalities in fetal cells.

Both CVS and Amniocentesis are shown to increase the risk of miscarriage or cause permanent damage to the fetus.

Week 10 Checklist

  • Check with your doctor about First Trimester Screening (The screening is optional).
  • Start taking walks with your partner.
  • Open up to your partner about your feelings, your pain and discomfort, your excitement and cravings.
  • Continue taking prenatal multivitamin and multi mineral pill. If you are allergic to milk or choose not to consume dairy products, enquire with physician about need of additional Ca supplement as just the prenatal might not provide 100% of the Required Daily Amount.

Present content is not a medical advise nor should it be substituted for one. Please consult a certified medical professional for medical consultation.

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