Pregnancy Week 15

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Week 15th of pregnancy, the week when your baby can be caught on an ultrasound while sucking on their thumb 😛

Baby’s Size

Your little thumb sucker is as big as a naval orange now, and weighs almost 57 grams.

Baby’s Growth

Bones are growing and ossifying (solidifying), and of course they are, how can they not when they have to support the elongating legs! And the bone will also start making bone marrow (marrow is where new blood cells are formed). Baby’s eyes are moving closer to the nose. Though they are tightly shut, baby can sense light still.

If you feel a little flutter in your lower belly, it is probably your baby wiggling 🙂 Some moms-to-be feel them often and others not so much. There will be times when you will feel your baby move more and times when it won’t. It is normal since baby by now has learned to sleep at certain times and be awake at others. And there is this Old wives’ tale that if the baby is moving more it is probably a girl, but who knows! One thing is known for sure though, baby girl fetuses do mouth movement more than boys. Well, getting ready for a lifetime of girl talk maybe? 😛

Your Belly at 15 Weeks of Pregnancy

Though your belly is not that big yet, your growing uterus might warrant few lifestyle modifications. Like-

Sleeping on a side: Will make sure your aorta and inferior vena cava are not squashed under your growing uterus and that the baby’s blood supply is uninterrupted.

Belly Exercises: Will make sure your abdominal muscles are strong. Which will not only help with supporting the growing fetus and uterus but also with child birth and getting back in the shape afterwards.

Your Symptoms at Week 15

With the much discussed heartburn, congestion and cravings, you might start noticing a new symptom around this time. It is random contractions of the uterus that are called Braxton Hicks Contractions, aptly named after the British doctor that described them first. These are mild-moderate cramps that are considered as a dress rehearsal or a practice for the real contractions. Not all women experiences them. And the ones that do, describe them as “mild cramps”. Keep your gynaec in the loop when you start feeling them and contact immediately if the frequency increases or if you feel uncomfortable.

Second Trimester Prenatal Tests

Multiple marker screening blood test or Maternal serum alpha-fetoprotein (MSAFP) are two optional genetic screening tests that are offered during the second trimester. These tests determine possibility of Down Syndrome or birth defects in the baby. Check with your healthcare provider about availability and necessity of these tests.

Pregnancy Week 15 Checklist

  • Start Doing Pregnancy Safe Ab Exercises
  • Monitor your cramps and contractions
  • Continue taking your prenatal multivitamin-multimineral
  • Share the news with the dad-to-be when the baby starts moving around inside your tummy 🙂

Present content is not a medical advise nor should it be substituted for one. Please consult a certified medical professional for medical consultation.

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