Pregnancy Week 31

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Phewww! We have surpassed a pretty good time isn’t it? 31st week it is!

Just a few more left to get that little angel in your arms.

Is it your first baby? If so, it’s time to visit the doctor and discuss and record the results of the tests done after the last appointment. And don’t forget to measure the size of your uterus and check which way your baby is. By now it should start facing downwards.

Baby’s Size

This week your baby should measure over 16 inches long nearly 37cms.Baby should weight roughly 31/3 pound (which is close to the size of a coconut). Now is the time when his growth should give a kick start

Baby’s Growth

  • Can you believe it, all five senses of the baby by now should be fully developed and super active. He can turn his head, legs and arms; it can be the time when he starts moving a lot. But sadly it is going to be a bad time for your sleep because of his constant movements.
  • In this week your baby starts getting smarter than ever, as the connection between the nerve cells are being made at a very fast rate, and trust me he has to do a pretty hard job as there are trillions and trillions to be produced.
  • He starts processing information and receives signals; all this is because as I said all his 5 senses are working. The only thing that the baby misses out to be done is smell, because he is just submerged in your amniotic fluid. But don’t be sad because the very first scent that he will breathe will be yours, which is obviously going to be a very important aspect to build a rapport between you and your baby.
  • It sounds so exciting to me , I’m sure you will feel even more happy to know that by now the baby even starts making faces , wow just imagine what he must be doing right now ;). Baby starts pedaling his little feet and even starts sucking his thumb.

 I’m sure your feeling the kicks too often now!

Now let’s look at how your life is going to change in this week –

  • Have you noticed the muscles in your uterus tightening every now and then? High chances that you may feel these contractions, they are called “Braxton hicks” difficult name isn’t it? But there is nothing to worry about, as they are usually painless and irregular and may last for maximum 30seconds. But yes, if it’s too frequent it could be an indication of preterm labor, talk to your doctor if that’s the case. Look out for these signs too – Increased vaginal discharge, or if it’s too watery, mucus like or bloody, severe abdominal pain , increased pressure at the pelvic area.
  • By now your stomach feels like it’s in your chest and your uterus four inches above your belly, now what does this indicate? Well it’s just making some room for your baby by pushing all internal organs that used to be somewhere else. This makes the lungs feel pretty crowded and makes it difficult to breathe. Therefore there are high chances that you may feel short of breath so do not go overboard with exercise and always keep taking breaks in between your workouts. And don’t worry this shortness of breath will get better by the end of your pregnancy when your baby will start moving downwards J
  • Your bladder is as crowded as your lungs so high chances that you may experience a frequent urge to urinate.
  • You may experience a yellow fluid leaking from your breast , this is babys first food called colostrum your baby is just getting used to for the new arrival so don’t worry.
  • Increasing belly size also has an impact on your back as it curves to bear the load. If you have still not started its just the right time to start some prenatal yoga for yourself. These exercises will help relax your back and get you in a better mood
  • You may even experience absent mindedness, may keep forgetting things. This happens because of the shrinking on brain cells, but don’t worry its size gets back to normal after delivery. So the best you can do for yourself is make a to do list and don’t stress too much.
  • Another problem would be with getting good sleep, could be because of back pain, anxiety or the babies constant kicks.

So get ready for another roller coaster week but make sure that you pass this with a lot of happiness, it’s the time you should start talking to your child, after all he is able to hear you.

Present content is not a medical advise nor should it be substituted for one. Please consult a certified medical professional for medical consultation.

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