Pregnancy Week 32

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So I hope your 31st week went well, does the journey still look far off? But trust me you and your baby are getting accustomed to a lot of new things in this trimester.

I got to tell you this, I’m myself feeling the happiness by just writing down, I can imagine how good you may be feeling , so just hold on that happiness , as your passing those vibes to your baby too.

Some of the changes are going to still persist from the 31st week. Like Braxton hicks contractions, back pain, shortness of breath etc

Baby’s Size

As big as a Napa Cabbage!

Let’s look in terms of the baby what changes will happen -so now the baby should be weighing roughly 3.5-4 pounds and should be of 15-17 inches height, now that’s a drastic increase  in just 1 week right ?

Baby’s Growth

Your baby’s digestive system is all set now, also the fat layer below the skin is no more transparent it’s opaque now, and to add to the glamour they even develop nails on the toe and fingers along with a bunch of hair.

Just imagine how beautiful your baby would be looking!

If your baby has still not got the head down position don’t worry there is still a chance for it to flip before birth.

The most exciting part is that the baby now starts following sleep cycles , so have  you noticed your baby to be super active at some part of the day and just silent for the next few ? Well it’s nothing but his sleep and wake cycles.

So that’s all on the baby’s part.

Let’s look at difficulties that you have to cope up with!

  • Your growing uterus is cramping the bowel, which makes the bowel movements irregular and you may experience So make sure you do your bit of exercise and drink up more water along with some healthy fibers to keep up the bowel movement.
  • You may feel light headed number of times, therefore don’t forget to carry a quick high fiber snack to keep up your carbs , some nuts and dates or a granola bar may work just perfect.
  • Hemorrhoids which are actually varicose veins can be a literal pain for you , use ice packs or warm baths to get some relief.
  • As the belly keeps swelling the skin gets itchier , it can even dry out , use coconut oil or castor oil over the belly as a moisturizer.
  • Now this one is little weird, your nipples should start looking darker. Well there are hardly any theories behind this but it’s said that it darkens so that the baby can see them better for breast feeding. Amazing isn’t it?
  • Another common issue is heart burn aka acidity , therefore make sure you are not leaving long gaps between 2 meals , eat more of alkaline foods and avoid the acidic one. Opt for lemon water without sugar or cold milk – 1cup doe instant relief.

So get going with another roller coaster week, wohoooo!

Present content is not a medical advise nor should it be substituted for one. Please consult a certified medical professional for medical consultation.

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