Pregnancy Week 33

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So are you feeling a little heavier this week? You should be, as your baby is nearly the size of a pineapple by now.

All About your BaeBae

It amazes me how nature has created such a beautiful body, the baby is growing at the fastest rate in most comfortable environment.

Let’s directly jump to what changes are going to happen in this week for the baby –

  • So little more increase in the size it should be nearly 17 inches, woahhh, and time to lose all those wrinkled and alien looks, as the skeleton develops now. I’m sure you may be thinking how will you get such a big baby out of your womb and must be scared too, isn’t it? But nature has taken care of that part too, as the skull bones of the baby are not developed or fused together, this will allow them to move and even over lap a little at the time of delivery. This will make it easy for him to fit in the birth canal.
  • Weight of the baby is more than 5 pounds now, which is closing ¾ of what his weight should be.
  • Your baby differentiates between day and night now; imagine how it is able to do that? As the uterine walls become thinner and thinner light is able to penetrate through the womb which helps the baby differentiate between the two , amazing isn’t it J
  • Another important milestone is that the baby now starts developing its own immune system, so antibodies (which as meant to fight infections) are passed from you to the little ones to fight against all the infections when he comes out of the womb.

Moving on to you –

  • Most important thing that you should do when you reach the third trimester is sleep on your side. Wondering why? This is because researches show that mothers who sleep on their back have an increased risk to still birth.
  • If you have still not started, do make sure you start your pelvic floor exercises this will help you accidently leaking when you cough or strain, both during your pregnancy and after pregnancy.
  • There may be a possibility that you may feel achy, painful or numb, then you are not the only one actually. You may even experience “Carpal tunnel syndrome” it is characterized by swelling around the nerves at the wrist due to water retention. The good part again is that it will disappear once you deliver.


So it’s the time you start preparing for the baby , could be with regards to his room, cradle, toys , clothes etc and spend some more time with your partner as you’re going to miss that after a weeks , chuckles !

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