Pregnancy Week 37

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3 weeks to go! I’m sure you have a lot of mixed feeling; you would be excited, scared, happy, worried all at the same time. But trust me you would be fine J you must have already started shopping, cleaning the house, getting set some cupboards, must have got a cradle etc also, so fascinating it is isn’t it?

Baby’s Growth

By this time your baby weighs 6 1/3 pound (3kg) and measures a bit over 19 inches, which is close to a bundle of spinach.

If you are planning for a C section, your doctors will not advice you to have it before 39 week for sure. As the last 2 weeks allows your baby’s brain and lungs develop fully.

If they baby is born in this week he might have a little lanugo hair on his body or some patches of vernix , don’t worry if you see so as that’s pretty natural, it’s a waxy substance that has protected them in the womb.

The baby’s gut contains meconium – Sticky green substance that will help form your babys poo immediately after birth. It may include lanugo too, if at all your baby poo during labor he might require more attention to avoid any complications.

The umbilical cord begins to pass antibodies to your baby to prepare it for the delivery. These antibodies will make you baby ready for the disease and germs he’ll encounter outside the womb.

Due Date Calculation

It’s the time when your doctor will guess the date when the baby needs to arrive, wondering how he will do that.

Well it’s simple –

First he will look for dilation, or how far the cervix has opened, as it should roughly open to 10 cms for the baby to pass through into the birth canal.

Second would be cervical ripeness – It starts being firm like the tip of the nose and softens to the same texture as the inside of your cheek before labor.

Next he or she will check for how thin your cervix is , it’s usually fully effaced before you push out your baby.

He will also measure the position of your baby in relation to your pelvis (the lower the baby is the closer he is for delivery.

But please note these symptoms vary a lot. It can be a gradual process for some people while for others it may be a long process to go with.

All you need to know about perineum massage 

Don’t just sit idle, massage your perineum, I know sounds pretty weird but there is a reason why I’m advising that.

It will gently help stretch your perineum, that’s the area of the skin between your vagina and rectum, this will help minimize the pain that occurs when babys head crowns during childbirth.

Let’s learn how you can do that now –

Ohh I missed mentioning you can get this done by your husband also: P

So first, make sure your hands or your spouse hands are clean and nails are trimmed.

Next lubricate your thumb and push them in the vagina.

Press down towards the rectum and move your thumb across the bottom and on the sides of your perineum, pulling gently outward and forward on the lower part of the vagina with your thumbs hooked inside.

You can practice this daily until delivery.

Common concerns for all mothers –

What is Breech Birth? – A breech birth is when a baby is born bottom first, it is said to be more complicated than the normal head down position ones.

What is a C section? – A caesarean section is when you have surgery to deliver your baby.

What is induction? –This is where your labor be started artificially. This is called “induction”

A lot of symptoms that I have been mentioning since the last few weeks will still persist. Like cramps , improper sleep , contractions , varicose veins etc


  • Stock up some diapers and pads for post delivery.
  • Complete all your pending office work and take some off from work.
  • Do some relaxing exercises.
  • Continue your kegel exercises.

Present content is not a medical advise nor should it be substituted for one. Please consult a certified medical professional for medical consultation.

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