Pregnancy Week 39

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It’s time to just wait for the signal, and your child will be ready for a debut.

If it’s your first baby you would still be confused on how real contractions would be and worried about how you will manage everything but don’t worry all you need think about is that he will soon be there right in your arms.

Baby’s Size at 39 Weeks

Your baby is all plumped up by now, chubby chubby it should be nearly 6.8 pounds and 19.5 inches long. His grasp should be pretty firm by now, experience it when he holds your finger too tight.

Right after the initial deep breath come the first cry of the baby, though it sounds bitter but it’s the sweetest sound for a mother. Also, that loud cry clearly indicates that the baby is breathing normally. Don’t worry if you don’t see tears , or rather don’t judge the child that he is acting if you don’t see tears , chuckles. It is only because his tear glands will not produce tears when crying until he grows some week old.

In a lot of cases the baby doesn’t even cry , even that is okay until his breathing is normal.

Your babys skin has now finally changed from pink to white.

Baby is still building up the fat layer, growing hair and still gaining weight.

There is going to be some swelling in your feet and ankles during these weeks, w hic are pretty normal.

But, you will have to call your doctor without any delay if you notice excessive or sudden swelling in your feet and hands, puffiness on the face or around your eyes or may be a sudden weight gain.

Note for blurred visions, headaches and sensitivity to light if you observe them pretty often it may be a condition called pre eclampsia.

As you’re at the end of your pregnancy, you will notice that your cervix will efface.

Effacement is nothing but the process by which cervix prepares for giving birth. The cervix will become thinner softer and this is nothing but Cervical thinning or cervical ripening.

Repeating the signs of labor in this article , if you need detailed explanation do read the previous articles too.

  • Water breaking
  • Nesting instinct
  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of mucus plug
  • Bloody show

Check list

Even if you’ve been imagining how your labor would, then well I have to tell you it will not be similar to what you will imagine. Sometimes we imagine it will be a long labor , but it turns other way round , or may be your water might break but you may still not get contraction so you may need to be induced.

So instead of making up your mind on something be prepared for anything that comes to your way. Don’t forget sometimes delivery day dramas are good as somewhere they are helping you creating memories.

So just be positive you will be fine.

Present content is not a medical advise nor should it be substituted for one. Please consult a certified medical professional for medical consultation.

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