Pregnancy Week 40

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Last week, and I’m feeling so good that I’m with your life most beautiful journey. So by now your baby should be nearly 7.5 pouds (just the size of a pumpkin) and imagine its 20 inches long now. A perfect full grown baby is in your womb now.

You may have to undergo a bio physical (BPP) which consists of an ultra sounds to check if your Childs movements, breathing, muscle tone, & amniotic fluid is working fine or not.

You will also have to undergo a non stress test which helps monitor fetal heart rate.

Your cervix will also be checked for ripening, how soft it is, how effaced, and dilated it is. It’s important to know that even if you have not had labor till now your doctor may allow you to wait for few more weeks if there are no associated complications. So don’t worry , you can still wait for 1-2 weeks , yes you heard it right you can wait for 1-2 more weeks.

All About the Labor!

If you do not get labor by the 40th week and if waiting more would increase complications, your doctor may induce labor. So you may be wondering what’s induced labor, isn’t it?

If your labor does not start on its own the doctor uses certain medications and techniques t o bring labor contractions. Note this will be done when prolonging pregnancy leads to other complications. This is because the placenta becomes less effective with the delivery of nutrients at 42 weeks.

Now how is labor actually induced?

There are multiple ways to induce labor , but the selection type depends on the situation you are falling in.

Mostly if you need to be induced and if your cervix is not dilated, your doctor will start inducing labor by inserting medication that contains prostaglandins into your vagina. This will help in ripening the cervix and induce contractions.

If this method does not put you into labor then he may administer a drug called oxytocin , it is usually given through IV.

Note if your cervix is ripe already he may directly give your oxytocin.

Now comes a question whether you can try to induce labor by your own?

Answer is yes!

Sexual intercourse is 1 way as the semen contains prostaglandins and having an orgasm can induce contractions. Though studies have a mixed review on this it’s always better to ask your doctor before trying the same.

Stimulating the nipples will release oxytocin and may help in stimulating labor. But you need monitoring when doing this as it can over stimulate your uterus.

So over all trying something on your own is not safe at this moment so always consult a doctor or do things under supervision.

Check list

  • Ultrasound , BPP and non stress test may be done to check how the baby is doing.
  • Differentiate between labor and normal contractions.
  • Keep a track on baby’s movements.
  • Keep your hospital bag ready.

Present content is not a medical advise nor should it be substituted for one. Please consult a certified medical professional for medical consultation.

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