Are sanitizers really saving the baby from infections?

As parents, everybody wants their child to be safe and keep them free from any infections. The most common thing that comes to my mind is “Use of Sanitizer”. There are innumerable flavors and colors now available in the markets which are usually super attractive for kids. Now the question arises are they really good […]

Spirulina: Exploring a Health Food Mystery

These blue-green algae, commercially marketed as a superfood claims numerous benefits. It claims popularity right from its use by Aztecs in the ancient period through its use as a dietary supplement by NASA astronauts in the modern age. Let us look at some nutritional benefits of spirulina: According to Food Engineering and Technology Department, Institute […]

Know how to fight feet swelling during pregnancy!

I have always hated to look down and see that my feet are pouring out of my super cute shoes these days, but unfortunately, swollen feet are a very common symptom of pregnancy. Your tummy isn’t the only thing that’s swelling these days – you may notice mild swelling throughout your body and, thanks to […]

This is why you should always soak Nuts and Beans!

Did your mom give you handful of soaked nuts before you left for school like my mom did? If yes, then you have started your day just perfect! But now a day’s with the entire hustle bustle around, not a lot of us soak the nuts before eating, isn’t it? Let me tell you, soaking […]

This is why I digitized my Health Records, and YOU Should Too!

अरे बेटा वो क्रीम का नाम याद है क्या? कौनसी क्रीम पापा? वही वो जो मम्मी को स्किन के डॉक्टर ने दियी थी पिछले साल…! नाम याद होगा तो बता देना, वो पर्ची नहीं मिल रही है… That was a conversation I had with my father last week. Needless to say, I could not remember the name, nor could […]

Sleep during pregnancy: the science behind those ZZZs

When your hormones are going haywire and you’ve got a bump the size of a basketball, it’s not always easy to get enough quality shut-eye. After an exhausting day of nourishing the life inside you, you might pass out after walking through the door, or you might be tossing and turning so that you get […]

Kegel exercise: Everything you need to know about it.

Kegel exercises are named after Arnold Kegel, an OBGYN who first published their benefits in 1948. Pelvic floor exercise is also known as kegel exercise.The main role is of pelvic muscle i.e. kegel muscle. Kegel is an Exercise designed to help in strengthening the muscle in the pelvic region through muscle contraction, it helps in […]

Can People with Diabetes Really Not Eat Rice??

“Can people with diabetes eat rice or not?” is a very common question that we come across in our daily practice. And the question is not wrong so to say. So, for the uninitiated, what is diabetes? And why the hype about rice? Simply, it’s a condition wherein the body either doesn’t produce enough insulin […]