Kids Glued to the Screen Most of the Time: Health Impact & Solutions!

This younger generation is extremely smart, fast forward and tech savvy. We see parents boasting about their 3-year-old kid selecting his favorite cartoon on youtube on their Pc’s /decoding their screen locks or simply how techie their kiddo is. Definitely digital gadgets like t.v, laptops and smartphones have made our lives entertaining and easier, from […]

How To Execute Prenatal Yoga Safely & The Benefits!

Giving birth to a life is indeed a miracle! However, the weeks and months of physical exhaustion due to lack of sleep, bodily and hormonal changes, constant mood swings, etc., make the moms-to-be physically and mentally tired. Yoga is a nature’s gift to pregnant women and their wellbeing. One of the mystical wonders of the […]

Indian Traditional Mango Recipes: The North & East Edition!

In this part, we will escape to the north and the east to see how they like to savor their mangoes… Let us look at traditional mango recipes from the Bengalis, RajasthanisPunjabisis, the northeastern Assamese, Meghalayan Kashmiri and natives of Uttarakhand.   If you have not read the first part, quickly go take a look and […]

Indian Traditional Mango Recipes: The South India Expedition!

Though most often feared, mangoes have great regard in our mythology. Apart from enjoying it as a fruit, mangoes are used in preparations of pickles, curries, raita, dals throughout the country. Here we shall explore few uncommon, traditionally prepared mango dishes in the southern half of the country namely, Tamilians, Keralites, Andhras, Kannada, Maharashtrians, Gujaratis, […]

Quick tips to control sugars in gestational diabetes

  Keeping up with my promises 😉 here I go with some quick tips on how you can manage to maintain your blood sugars during pregnancy. There are 3 important components of diabetes management for women 1. Nutritional therapy 2. Exercise or physical activity 3. Medicines if required If all the 3 are applied they […]

Black Jamun [Part II]: Health Benefits & Recipes Takeaway…

In the previous part, we learned about how the Jamun fruit, as well as seeds, could help manage diabetes. In this part, we will explore other benefits this fruit has to offer and also some desi preparations.  Amongst them, is a common beverage called Kala-khatta, a spicy, tangy beverage and a preferred ‘gola’ (Indian ice […]

Black Jamun [Part I]: Nutrition, Anti-Diabetic Effect and More…

Diabetic Food Series # 1: Java plum (Syzygium cumini)   Jambun preparations are employed by natural health practitioners for treatment of diabetes and related complications, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fertility agents as active treatment and a natural fruit sweetener. It is an evergreen tree but bears ripen fruits post-summer (June-July), marking the beginning of rains. In this […]

5 min Breakfast Recipes

  Living in some busy metropolitan city where life is running at the fastest pace? Well if that’s the case I’m sure just like me, you would be hunting on for some quick recipes for breakfast, isn’t it? So before I give you some of my well-tried recipes, lets first understand why your breakfast is […]