Little known sources of omega 3 inside your pantry!


Since a very young age, we have been watching advertisements of Fish Oil supplements. It’s embedded on our subconscious that “if you want omega 3, turn to commercial Fish Oil supplements”

And if you are somewhat health-conscious you would know that walnuts and flax seeds are good sources of omega 3 as well. And then there is much hyped Chia seeds…

But did you know that our very own tulsi seeds and sabja seeds are also rich in omega-3?

Chia Seed Oil contains 64% omega 3 weight by weight

Let us see how some of the other common vegetarian sources of omega 3 fares compared to it?


Walnut Oil omega 3 content: 10.3%



Hemp/Cannabis Oil omega 3 content: 20%



Flaxseed oil omega 3 content: 54%


Tulsi/Holi Basil

Tulsi Seed Oil Omega 3 content: 54-61%


Basil Seeds/ Sabja

Basil Seed Oil Omega 3 content: 56-65%


As you can see our very own Sabja seeds or tulsi seeds are comparable sources of omega-3. So, do you really need those imported and super expensive Chia seeds??

Open your Indian pantry doors and also open your minds to local foods…

Stay Healthy y’all 🙂

Note: All these plant sources contain alpha-Linolenic acid (ALA) form of omega 3 which is biologically less potent that other two forms (EPA and DHA) found in the animal sources. Nonetheless, a vegan can very well get all their Omega 3 needs fulfilled by consciously incorporating these oil seeds into their diets.

A tip, always grind these seeds and then use them. Grinding makes the omega 3 more available for absorption! Oh! and also always use freshly grounded ones otherwise the powder goes rancid due to the oil content!

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Soniya Nikam, MS, RD.

Soniya Nikam, MS, RD.

She is a Registered Dietitian who does not believe in dieting; She has a Master's Degree in Nutrition but she is not your "I know it all Nutrition Guru!"; She loves food but loves talking about food even more. Her articles are a direct reflection of her personal quest where nutrition science meets real life! Oh, and she is owned by a 3 m.o. naughty kitten :)

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