Can you Sleep your Weight off?

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Yesterday I saw Anup Jalota’s interview, the one he gave after being evicted from Big Boss’ house, and though there was nothing extraordinary about it to give it a mention here, one line of his made me go “Hallelujah!! Finally, someone in the mainstream is speaking about it!!”

What was the shocking thing that he revealed?

Past 1.5 months I was getting proper 8 hours of sleep which I haven’t gotten in many many years. My busy schedule does not allow me to sleep. And I lost 4 Kgs because of getting proper sleep…

So true! Thank you, Anup Ji.

people are willing to try everything and anything under the moon and the sun to get rid of those excess pounds, crash diets ✔, liver detox ✔, slim sauna belts ✔, exercise ✔, weight loss supplements ✔✔, expensive meal replacement shakes ✔✔✔ but still some people see no change on the digit on the weighing scale.

Of course weight loss is a complex physiological process and there are many factors that influence it. Factors like caloric deficit/excess, basal metabolic rate, stress, hormones, physical activeness, socioeconomic status, food security, support system etc. But one often discounted factor is “Quality and Amount of the SLEEP!”

Yes, sleep affects your weight!

Sleep is the resting and anabolic phase when all your organs and systems undergo repair and/or growth mechanism (repairing the wear and tear happened during the day’s activity). So basically, to put it extremely simply, you need a sufficient amount of sleep for all your organs and systems to recover and function normally.

Now, do you know why patients need more sleep? (Hint: Re_ _ _ _ry)


Why babies sleep so much?? (Hint: for  Gr _ _ th)

Sleep is extremely important for the normal functioning of the body.

How does that affect your weight loss you would ask!

Poor Sleep Can Make You Hungrier!

If you go to the bed early, you tend to not go over your required caloric intake (why? because you can’t really eat when you’re fast asleep really can you now!). Same way, I have personally seen many of my patients sticking to their diets in an exemplary fashion the entire day, only to go over their calorie limit with that late night scoop of ice cream/tea-biscuit/bag of chips!

Why does this happen? Thik about it, as long as you are awake, you are telling your brain that you are active and your body gears up for consuming energy for whatever physical task you might be performing in coming hours! Your stomach produces more of Ghrelin (the hunger hormone) that signals brain that we need more food!

One simple solution is to go to bed on time 🙂

Poor Sleep Can Affect Your Food Choices

What sounds more appetizing if you are up and about till midnight, A sweet/savory snack or a piece of fruit/carrot sticks? Be honest!

Again all the determination and resolve showed during the day tends to dissolve during later hours (sleep deprivation makes the brain foggy!) and we end up making bad food choices!

One simple solution, get enough sleep!

Poor Sleep Makes Exercising Difficult!

apart from motivation, apart from resolve and apart from rewards, one needs to be well rested in order to efficiently do any physical activity. Same goes for the exercise. Many people who are sleep deprived report that they are unable to do the intense workout. Plus lack of sleep makes getting out of the bed extremely difficult!!!


Unfortunately in our country sleep has got a stigma attached to it. If you work till late and still wake up at the crack of the dawn, you are praised for being “Hardworking” otherwise you are just “Lazy!”


We need to reconstruct our attitude towards sleep. That is if we want to succeed. Otherwise working hard till late and irreversibly damaging our health in the process (and spending all that hard earned money on frequent doctor’s visit) is a sure shot formula for never succeeding!

So, for weight loss, for a good health and for overall wellbeing, sleep is absolutely Non-Negotiable!

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