2 meals a day/intermittent fasting: Does it really work?

Eat whatever you want, no food or caloric restrictions what so ever! The only catch is that you can eat only twice a day.  No eating or sipping on liquid calories in between… Have you heard of this kind of diet yet? This is a diet made popular by renowned diabetologist Dr. Jagannath Dixit and claims […]

Hypothyroidism: What to Eat & What to Avoid!

1 in 10 Indians suffers from Thyroid Disorders, and unless you have been living under a rock, you most probably know a few of them! Let me give you an example, in my family itself, there are 3 of us who are struggling with hypothyroidism. And I kid you not, it seems like the number has […]

Give Your Family A Gift Of Good Health!

Meet FiTT@DawaiBox, here you not only get to track your activities (steps, distance, sleep and calories burnt) but also get complimentary health assessment and diet consultation with our expert dietitians. An extension of our DawaiBox application, which is a complete healthcare solution in itself; FiTT takes it a notch further and gives you the control of […]

Oil Pulling- A Habit that Can Transform Your Oral Health!

Oil pulling is a traditional home remedy that has been used extensively for centuries in India. Its popularity has risen to high levels. It is an ancient Ayurvedic remedy for detoxification. It has become a modern trend since the 90s. It is also known as oil swishing. According to the history if done regularly oil […]