Is Fasting The Best Way For Weight Loss??

Whenever I start writing any article, I read a lot about what has been said and researched and talk to people in general especially if it’s something pertaining to weight loss! Now weight loss is a topic which is really close to people’s heart, and are after it with more fervour than they would be […]

Can People with Diabetes Really Not Eat Rice??

“Can people with diabetes eat rice or not?” is a very common question that we come across in our daily practice. And the question is not wrong so to say. So, for the uninitiated, what is diabetes? And why the hype about rice? Simply, it’s a condition wherein the body either doesn’t produce enough insulin […]

Strong New Year’s Resolutions, Poor Executions, and BAD Failures! Why?

Resolutions! Goals! New Year! Well, all of them have one common thread tying them… they come every 12 months, we start over, we start anew and accomplish each resolution or goal with chockfull of strength! So the first 15 days…or lets stretch it to a month, are always energetic but come February and everything, all […]


The party season is right back on! Soon we would be going out with friends, partying hard; eating fried and cheesy snacks, and have freely flowing alcohol all over! Come New Year’s, we would be so full of resolutions, “this year I vow to get fit” “No to Alcohol” “Healthy eating from this year” but […]

Walnut Oil V/s Fish Oil: Who wins the Omega 3 Test?

Man has always been a greedy animal. When it had limited options, it cried for more, when it had more, it cried for the best, when it had the best it cried confusion on what really was the best!   Someone has rightly said “excess of everything is bad”, and in a time like ours, it […]

Cold Pressed Juices: Trick or Treat?

Cold Pressed Juices!!! With every new generation, there is an advent of a new technology. This technology goes on to bust a lot of myths about how better could one make his/her health by investing in that particular technology. With every new invention, there is a promise to change the meaning of health and yes […]

Keto Diet: The ultimate weight loss solution! Is it really??

Though many people are still warming up to the “Ketogenic Diet” that has taken up the world by storm, there are still others like us figuring out and trying to draw conclusions as to what is about Keto diet that is making people go gaga over it! To start with, why was Ketogenic diet (popularly […]

10 Foods so rich in Vitamin C, you’ll never need a supplement again!!

“Vitamin C has probably never been taken quite seriously as per say Vit E or Vit D! We remember it only when something happens in our body, maybe something even as small as catching a cold…” I remember as a kid, my elders used to say, “Vitamin C lelo, your cold would go away”. [Never […]

Busting Iron Myths For an Improved You!

Iron has always been a hot topic of discussion and it will always be. There is something about it that keeps people thinking or rather confused on what to eat, how to eat and what to avoid! As a result of this knowledge deficit, most over 30% of the world’s population has become deficient in […]