2 meals a day/intermittent fasting: Does it really work?

Eat whatever you want, no food or caloric restrictions what so ever! The only catch is that you can eat only twice a day.  No eating or sipping on liquid calories in between… Have you heard of this kind of diet yet? This is a diet made popular by renowned diabetologist Dr. Jagannath Dixit and claims […]

Can you Sleep your Weight off?

Yesterday I saw Anup Jalota’s interview, the one he gave after being evicted from Big Boss’ house, and though there was nothing extraordinary about it to give it a mention here, one line of his made me go “Hallelujah!! Finally, someone in the mainstream is speaking about it!!” What was the shocking thing that he […]

Sleep Your Way To A Better Health!

Let us start with a story, and see if you can relate… “It all started back in college. I was studying-working-and staying up late watching Netflix! My jam-packed schedule during the day did not leave any room for entertainment, so I started (unknowingly of course) sacrificing a few hours of sleep to watch TV. Few […]

Learn How to Decode Food & Nutrition Labels in 8 Simple Steps!

We as dieticians advice people to read the food label before selecting or buying or consuming any packet food product, but do people actually know how to read the labels? Food labels act as guide to help us understand the nutritive value and other information of the product, thus empowering us to make better and […]

Chewing Gum: The Good, The Bad and The Unacceptable!

A couple of years ago I was visiting my dad’s best friend and his family. After a gorgeous meal when I opened my purse and took out my Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum, that very religious and spiritual aunty shook her head in utter disbelief saying, “I didn’t know that you chew gum! Don’t you know it […]

Steroid Medications and Weight Struggle: A Vicious Cycle!

Recently I had a case, the woman was 40 something, eating healthy, exercising daily, nothing I could put my finger on…but still she was gaining weight. After a thorough investigation figured out that she was in fact taking a steroid medication to treat her autoimmune hepatitis which was breaking havoc on her metabolism! Now to […]

To Eat Healthy, you got to Shop Healthy!

We all love shopping. Street shopping, high-end shopping, antique shopping, online shopping, window shopping…. everyone has got a favorite. Hey, wait, but what about Grocery Shopping? Ever heard anyone say they love Grocery Shopping? Part of the problem is that it is a chore, it takes time and with supermarkets flooded with so many items, […]

Atkins Diet: Is it an ideal weight loss solution? Fad Diets Series Part 1

→Hello everyone and a very Happy New Year to all of you! As we have bidden adieu to the year 2017 and have welcomed the new year – 2018, many of us must have made a list of ‘TO-DO’s” or resolutions for the new year. I’m pretty sure that after a smashing year end party, […]

Are you eating Ceylon – the Right kind of Cinnamon?

A few days back I was just scrolling through my news feed on Facebook and came across “Eat only the real Ceylon cinnamon”. Now this was the time I realized that this common spice in my kitchen also needs identification for purity, this motivated me to research some more to find out the right facts. […]

Strong New Year’s Resolutions, Poor Executions, and BAD Failures! Why?

Resolutions! Goals! New Year! Well, all of them have one common thread tying them… they come every 12 months, we start over, we start anew and accomplish each resolution or goal with chockfull of strength! So the first 15 days…or lets stretch it to a month, are always energetic but come February and everything, all […]