Foods to Eat for a Good Night’s Sleep!

I may come across as a massive hypocrite when I am writing about this topic of “foods to eat for better sleep”! I personally have never had a sleepless night. I sleep tight as soon as I hit the bed. Change of place, stress, anxiety, loud noises, lack of darkness…nothing, NOTHING has ever affected my […]

2 meals a day/intermittent fasting: Does it really work?

Eat whatever you want, no food or caloric restrictions what so ever! The only catch is that you can eat only twice a day.  No eating or sipping on liquid calories in between… Have you heard of this kind of diet yet? This is a diet made popular by renowned diabetologist Dr. Jagannath Dixit and claims […]

Hypothyroidism: What to Eat & What to Avoid!

1 in 10 Indians suffers from Thyroid Disorders, and unless you have been living under a rock, you most probably know a few of them! Let me give you an example, in my family itself, there are 3 of us who are struggling with hypothyroidism. And I kid you not, it seems like the number has […]

Little known sources of omega 3 inside your pantry!

Since a very young age, we have been watching advertisements of Fish Oil supplements. It’s embedded on our subconscious that “if you want omega 3, turn to commercial Fish Oil supplements” And if you are somewhat health-conscious you would know that walnuts and flax seeds are good sources of omega 3 as well. And then there […]

Importance of Colorful Plants in a Healthy Diet!

It is a sight to watch so many people voluntarily wearing unison of “Navrang” during Navratri festival. We love colors here in our country, don’t we? Did you know that once upon a time (when the silk route existed), India was the primary producer and the supplier of the priced “Indigo Blue” textile dye? Enough with […]

Limitations of A Vegetarian Diet!

“You don’t know what you are missing out upon!!” If you are a Vegetarian I’m sure you have heard this at least once and if you are an omnivore, I bet you have said it to your vegetarian friends! Now taste and personal preferences are very subjective, there really is no point in arguing about […]

Vegetarian Diet Series: Science-Backed Health Benefits Of Vegetarian Diet.

Once upon a time, they did a 20 year long extensive and intensive study on people in China and found out that (amongst numerous other things) that people who avoided eating meats and animal products and ate predominantly grains, fruits, and vegetables tend to enjoy longer and healthier life! Boom! The world went gaga and […]

Health Effects of Coffee: Everything you need to know about it!

Is it good or is it bad? Is it the elixir that its lovers praise it to be or is it a slow poison that gives you instant kick but wrecks havoc on your metabolism in the long run? The world is conflicted over Coffee and so are the healthcare professionals. Coffee is an excellent […]


“RUSHICHI BHAJI” athavla ka kahi? (Did you remember?). If not, here I am to make you nostalgic about our tradition and it’s health benefits. Ganeshotsava is my favorite festival for years. But apart from modak, the recipe which ruled my heart during this festival was “RUSHICHI BHAJI”. Yes, you heard it right. Well, I am […]