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Cold Pressed Oils: Make the Switch Today for Excellent Health!

Cold pressed/extra virgin oils are not some new kids on the block! They have been around since the ancient times, they just got sidelined for a few decades by industrial revolution and it’s horrid byproduct, the refined oils. What are Cold Pressed oils? Valid question. They are simply the oils extracted from seeds like groundnut, […]

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“5 tips & 5 foods to keep the Doctor away this monsoon!”

Don’t worry, no Apples on this list! Although apples are very effective indeed as you can throw them at doctors to keep them away 😛 Indian monsoon is splendid, gorgeous, gorgeously destructive and brings a plethora of illnesses with it. Cold, flu, viral fever, skin infections, malaria, diarrhea and jaundice are just a few to name… […]

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