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Stress can hold us back! Here are 10 proven solutions…

Just because you are not sick, doesn’t mean you are healthy… Stress is an important factor that determines one’s health. Stress can be easily induced by smaller issues such as traffic jams, deadlines, spilled coffee and bad breaking news just as much as by more core issues like marriage, kids, family, life in general! Stress not […]

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Did you know “Food” can make you lazy?

Hello everyone! Today we are going to talk about something which everyone faces at one point of time or other…Laziness! My officemate and good friend Shivangi is someone who is working full time, attending college and prepping for competitive exams! Her biggest concern is despite eating healthy and exercising she still feels sleepy and lazy […]

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Cold Pressed Oils: Make the Switch Today for Excellent Health!

Cold pressed/extra virgin oils are not some new kids on the block! They have been around since the ancient times, they just got sidelined for a few decades by industrial revolution and it’s horrid byproduct, the refined oils. What are Cold Pressed oils? Valid question. They are simply the oils extracted from seeds like groundnut, […]

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