Less sleep and its effects on Blood sugar levels during Pregnancy.

Here I’m again trying to gather some more information on gestational diabetes, but this time it is not connected with exercise and diet. This is more to do with how your sleep patterns have an effect on bodies’ hormones. Although this article focuses on Gestational Diabetes, Sleep Deprivation is shown to adversely affect glucose metabolism […]

Is your diet influencing your baby’s taste preferences?

I am sure nobody wants their child to end up being a fussy eater. Right? So, let’s understand how the baby’s palate and food memories are shaped actually before birth!   THE TASTE FACTOPEDIA Do you know that the baby starts developing taste for different foods when in the uterus, based on what the mother […]

Breastfeeding Tutorials Every New and Expectant Mother Must Watch!

As world breastfeeding week (First week of August) comes to an end, we have seen endless articles and advertisements endorsing breastfeeding. They all tell us that breastfeeding is important. And Breastfeeding IS IMPORTANT indeed. It- nourishes the baby gives the baby the strength to fight illnesses by providing antibodies lowers baby’s risk of developing asthma, allergies […]

Depression After Childbirth is more common than you think it is!!

“How can one go into depression after having a baby? Isn’t this the moment/phase they have been waiting for?” were my thoughts when I heard about Post Partum Depression(PPD) for the first time. After becoming a mother a lot of your perception of life changes and all that your mom has been doing for you […]

How To Execute Prenatal Yoga Safely & The Benefits!

Giving birth to a life is indeed a miracle! However, the weeks and months of physical exhaustion due to lack of sleep, bodily and hormonal changes, constant mood swings, etc., make the moms-to-be physically and mentally tired. Yoga is a nature’s gift to pregnant women and their wellbeing. One of the mystical wonders of the […]

Quick tips to control sugars in gestational diabetes

  Keeping up with my promises 😉 here I go with some quick tips on how you can manage to maintain your blood sugars during pregnancy. There are 3 important components of diabetes management for women 1. Nutritional therapy 2. Exercise or physical activity 3. Medicines if required If all the 3 are applied they […]

Know how to fight feet swelling during pregnancy!

I have always hated to look down and see that my feet are pouring out of my super cute shoes these days, but unfortunately, swollen feet are a very common symptom of pregnancy. Your tummy isn’t the only thing that’s swelling these days – you may notice mild swelling throughout your body and, thanks to […]

Sleep during pregnancy: the science behind those ZZZs

When your hormones are going haywire and you’ve got a bump the size of a basketball, it’s not always easy to get enough quality shut-eye. After an exhausting day of nourishing the life inside you, you might pass out after walking through the door, or you might be tossing and turning so that you get […]

Kegel exercise: Everything you need to know about it.

Kegel exercises are named after Arnold Kegel, an OBGYN who first published their benefits in 1948. Pelvic floor exercise is also known as kegel exercise.The main role is of pelvic muscle i.e. kegel muscle. Kegel is an Exercise designed to help in strengthening the muscle in the pelvic region through muscle contraction, it helps in […]

Food Poisoning during Pregnancy. Treat it naturally and safely!

So, this happened very recently when I started feeling uneasy in the stomach and soon after, I threw up all that I had eaten for dinner that day. It didn’t take me long to figure out that it was nothing but ‘food poisoning’! The fact that I have experienced it before [years ago] on a […]