Breastfeeding Tutorials Every New and Expectant Mother Must Watch!

As world breastfeeding week (First week of August) comes to an end, we have seen endless articles and advertisements endorsing breastfeeding. They all tell us that breastfeeding is important. And Breastfeeding IS IMPORTANT indeed. It- nourishes the baby gives the baby the strength to fight illnesses by providing antibodies lowers baby’s risk of developing asthma, allergies […]


How many times have you been embarrassed by your kids for throwing tantrums in public? Gone are the days when kids would sit down for studying out of fear as soon as they saw their dad returning home. No more do today’s mom hit her kids with chappals or belans (a common scenario for the  […]

Kids Glued to the Screen Most of the Time: Health Impact & Solutions!

This younger generation is extremely smart, fast forward and tech savvy. We see parents boasting about their 3-year-old kid selecting his favorite cartoon on youtube on their Pc’s /decoding their screen locks or simply how techie their kiddo is. Definitely digital gadgets like t.v, laptops and smartphones have made our lives entertaining and easier, from […]

How to get fussy toddler to eat more!

Have you been lately running around your house with a plate of food in one hand and a morsel in the other? Or you’ve been setting your youtube channel constantly on CHU CHU TV or Jingle Toons just to feed your little monster? Well, you are not the only one. Its a common household scenario […]

Are sanitizers really saving the baby from infections?

As parents, everybody wants their child to be safe and keep them free from any infections. The most common thing that comes to my mind is “Use of Sanitizer”. There are innumerable flavors and colors now available in the markets which are usually super attractive for kids. Now the question arises are they really good […]

This is why it is safe to wean your baby before 6 months!

Since my college days I have always read that you should exclusively breast feed your child for first 6 months, but to my surprise it’s not the case according to new researches. Surprising isn’t it? So let’s understand a little more on when you can start weaning your child and why is it important to […]

Talcum powder and child safety: Everything you need to know about it!

“If you live in India, I can guarantee that you must have seen kids being slathered with baby talcum powder! Ever since childhood, we have been bombarded with advertisements about how happy the baby looks when mom is applying the talcum, and how happy the mom looks when the baby does not get a nappy […]

Do vaccines actually make babies more sick?

“I chose not to vaccinate my son!”                                                               -Dr. Anti Vaccines I should have been shocked to hear this, but sadly this was not the first time I was hearing this heresy! The Issue is REAL people! This year itself Karnataka and Tamil Nadu government’s MR (Measles &Rubella) vaccination drives at schools has been met […]

How can I make my baby eat more?

The other day I was visiting my brother in law, and saw my new little nephew graze onto carrot sticks like it was the yummiest thing in the world! He’s 15 months old and eats regular food and dare I say, with a smile on his face… This made me go “Aww…” and also at […]