Top 7 Yoga Poses That Help Boost Fertility

To whatever extent life reaches the height of professional success, it is incomplete without a family. A child completes you, your bonding as a glorious duo. In today’s time, it has been reported that increasing load of personal and professional life is making us stressed, contributing to a mother’s inability to conceive. Life has not […]

Estrogen Deficiency: Everything You Need To Know About It!

Mood Swings is the major problem most of us women suffer from. Now there can be many reasons for mood swings like. Menopause, Puberty, Pregnancy, Stress, Side effects of medication, Chemical imbalance or it could just be a natural mood swing which lasts for a shorter time and occurs rarely. But if you have frequent […]

Nutrition Tips to Treat Infertility in Men!

Infertility is the most common problem that’s running among couples worldwide. Researchers claim that 1 among every 3 couple has fertility problems; to my surprise, a lot of them are in male partners alone. With a lot of people fertility may not be treatable but with a healthy diet and some lifestyle changes, one can […]

Diet and Lifestyle tips to manage Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), almost 90% of women experience it at some time in their life. And some unfortunate ones like myself experience it on and off for years! Despite being a woman I never really gave PMS a thought as I was not affected by it for almost all my 20s and first half of […]

Everything You Need To Know About Anti-Candida Diet!

Hello everyone! Have you heard of a diet that helps you get rid of fungal infections? Yes you’re right, it is the Anti-Candida Diet! Recently, it has made a lot of buzz all around and we get to see many testimonials on the Internet praising this diet. So today, let’s browse through and get to […]

9 herbs that are proven enemies of Male Fertility

Male fertility. I believe is one of the most neglected and least discussed topics in the Indian health sphere, alongside Malnutrition and Mental Health of course! More often than not when a couple starts planning for a baby, it is the mother who is prescribed vitamins and a lifestyle routine (for a good quality egg!). […]

Ashwagandha: everything you need to know about this stress buster!

Ashwagandha, literally means Smell of a Horse, the herb got the name because of the strong aroma that it’s roots emits. Botanical name is  Withania Somnifera and pet names are  Poison Gooseberry and  Indian Ginseng (no relation what so ever with Panax Ginseng). If you have been keeping up with health trends, I am sure […]

The Crimson Moon, The Taboo, The Neglect and a Taint Free You!

“Periods”, “Chums”, “That time of the month”, instead of calling it by any of these names, why did we call it the Red Moon again? Well, what can I say; lately I have been under a terrible spell cast by a man named Sampooran Singh Kalra (Gulzaar), a spell that is making me see “Chaand” […]