10 Guilt Free Snacks To Munch On This Rainy Season!

Every year I wait for the arrival of Monsoon. When monsoons arrive one thing which rules over my mind is “FOODS TO HAVE IN RAINS”. Even before the arrival of this season, our food cravings begin. So what are some monsoon foods? Since ages, the monsoon foods which top our list are masala chai, bhajis, […]

Indian Traditional Mango Recipes: The South India Expedition!

Though most often feared, mangoes have great regard in our mythology. Apart from enjoying it as a fruit, mangoes are used in preparations of pickles, curries, raita, dals throughout the country. Here we shall explore few uncommon, traditionally prepared mango dishes in the southern half of the country namely, Tamilians, Keralites, Andhras, Kannada, Maharashtrians, Gujaratis, […]


THIS SUMMER STAY COOL FROM WITHIN AS FOODS DO COMBAT SUMMER HEAT    Our summers started with a temperature of 41 degree Celsius. Really hot. Isn’t it? To beat this heat I tied a scarf on my face. No sooner I realized I am just trying external ways to beat the heat waves. Why not keep […]

Fight Cold, Cough & Flu with home remedies [kadha]

Hello everyone! Monsoon is about to end but has given us many infections such as cold, flu, digestion complaints, etc. while bidding adieu. So, I bring to you 4 simple Kadha recipes from my Granny’s kitchen to help you combat these infections! Kadha or a decoction drink is made up from boiling the herbs and […]

Flu, Dengue: “How to take best care of a sick family member!”

“Care giving is devotion, and devotion without expectations is love at it’s purest!” This rainy season, us mumbaities are facing the danger of catching Swine Flu, Dengue, and Typhoid more than ever; and having had a dengue scare myself thought it will be timely to write about how to take best care of a sick […]

This summer, Eat Mango like a pro!

Mango, the king of fruits is always blamed for being the worst when it comes to elevating blood sugar levels uncontrollably in people with diabetes! One argument is that it has “High Glycemic Index!” What is glycemic index? It is a number or ranking of sorts given to foods that contain carbohydrates. After eating a […]

5 tips to fight dehydration

“If you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated!”   Ok, let us start by asking an awkward question… “what color is your pee lately?” “What color!? Its colorless…” 😃😃😃 “Well, its kinda pale yellow…” 😐😐😐 “Its yellow, like really yellow …!”😡😡😡 Yellow urine is a sign of extreme dehydration…Its a sign that you need to make […]

Be Summer Savvy: 5 foods to reverse the sun damage.

Is summer your choice of the season? Are you one of those people who takes out their gears and goes trekking on sunny days? Or are you someone who hides in the darkest of dungeons during summer months?! Whether you are a summer person or not, truth is that we can’t completely escape the Sun […]