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This is why it is safe to wean your baby before 6 months!

Since my college days I have always read that you should exclusively breast feed your child for first 6 months, but to my surprise it’s not the case according to new researches. Surprising isn’t it? So let’s understand a little more on when you can start weaning your child and why is it important to […]

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To Eat Healthy, you got to Shop Healthy!

We all love shopping. Street shopping, high-end shopping, antique shopping, online shopping, window shopping…. everyone has got a favorite. Hey, wait, but what about Grocery Shopping? Ever heard anyone say they love Grocery Shopping? Part of the problem is that it is a chore, it takes time and with supermarkets flooded with so many items, […]

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Biscuits Health Myth?

Are healthy biscuits really healthy or just a marketing gimmick?

While I travel, while I take diet recalls of my clients or even when I see mother weaning their kids all I can notice is “biscuits are every ones best friend” You can find them in parties, kitties, board room meetings, infant’s easy to carry food, but the question is, are they really healthy?   […]

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