2 meals a day/intermittent fasting: Does it really work?

Eat whatever you want, no food or caloric restrictions what so ever! The only catch is that you can eat only twice a day.  No eating or sipping on liquid calories in between… Have you heard of this kind of diet yet? This is a diet made popular by renowned diabetologist Dr. Jagannath Dixit and claims […]

Can you Sleep your Weight off?

Yesterday I saw Anup Jalota’s interview, the one he gave after being evicted from Big Boss’ house, and though there was nothing extraordinary about it to give it a mention here, one line of his made me go “Hallelujah!! Finally, someone in the mainstream is speaking about it!!” What was the shocking thing that he […]

Is Fasting The Best Way For Weight Loss??

Whenever I start writing any article, I read a lot about what has been said and researched and talk to people in general especially if it’s something pertaining to weight loss! Now weight loss is a topic which is really close to people’s heart, and are after it with more fervour than they would be […]

Strong New Year’s Resolutions, Poor Executions, and BAD Failures! Why?

Resolutions! Goals! New Year! Well, all of them have one common thread tying them… they come every 12 months, we start over, we start anew and accomplish each resolution or goal with chockfull of strength! So the first 15 days…or lets stretch it to a month, are always energetic but come February and everything, all […]

Keto Diet: The ultimate weight loss solution! Is it really??

Though many people are still warming up to the “Ketogenic Diet” that has taken up the world by storm, there are still others like us figuring out and trying to draw conclusions as to what is about Keto diet that is making people go gaga over it! To start with, why was Ketogenic diet (popularly […]

Yoga, Long walks and “Still No Weight Loss”! – Sounds familiar?

Have you been trying Yoga, Jogging or Walking, in an attempt to lose Weight? Many people try out Yoga, or cardio. They even spend a load of time on the Treadmill or jogging in a park, only to see little or no results.   This brings them to wonder: Why nothing is happening, even after […]