Dealing with Depression? Know how to break free!

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Why is it that when it comes to health, we are so open about discussing heart health, diabetes, skin issues, weight gain, cancer… even HIV (finally!) and UTIs etc. etc, but very conveniently and coyly we avoid talking about mental health!

If we fall ill, our loved ones will be called and all of our social support will stands tall around us, to protect “us”. But when it comes to mental illnesses, no phone numbers are dialed, no doorbells are rang, no cavalry is gathered, instead, now you are walled to protect “the secret”!

If you have been depressed, I can bet that at least one person has told you to “stop being so depressed!”Depression is real, just like any other illness. Do you tell someone to stop having stomach ulcers? “Jesus and your damn stomach ulcers all the time! Stop having them already!”- Said no one ever…

So why people keep telling you to stop being depressed? Are you even depressed?

Yes, there are blues and sadness that may seem like depression to undiscerning eyes but there sure is a distinction. Find out how to tell if you are depressed or simply sad!

Though this is no substitute for getting an actual assessment done by a psychiatrist; if you suspect what you are experiencing is depression, take this online test to find out for sure!

Also, see common signs of Depression.

For professional help, find a psychologist/psychotherapist near you @ DawaiBox

5 best ways to cope with signs of depressions

  1. “No man is an island” John Donn

It is said that no human being thrives being isolated from the group. And it is true! Our friends, family, loved ones and even acquaintances are what keeps us sane!

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When I am depressed I tend to pull myself back, cutting down on phone calls, keeping to myself, and living in my own head( a classic example of what not to do when depressed). On the other hand, here is a certain someone who when in distress calls his mom without a seconds delay. This has helped him get over panic issues and depression so far, I have seen it happen! So whose example would you rather follow?

2. Jot it down:  

Writing down helps (from personal experience). If you are angry, depressed, sad…no matter whatever emotion you are feeling, putting it down on a piece of paper helps to get it out of your system. Plus the bonus is, writing it down also helps you with sorting out your emotions!

3. Music:

Listening to uplifting and upbeat music helps. You know what else helps? Listening to music that reminds you of a happier time! It could even be a sad song, but if that sad song reminds you of a time in life when you were happier, the song will trigger that memory and will put a smile on you 🙂

4. Taking care of yourself:

Which could mean getting 8 hours of sleep. It could mean taking long walks. It could mean a routine exercise or regular jogs. It could mean paying extra attention towards your appearance. It could mean taking care of your diet. It could mean reading a book or finding a new hobby. It could also mean rejoining your Bharatnatyam classes… whatever it is, you know what makes you happy, you know you do! So just be committed to doing that!

I know with depression comes lack of energy and lack of motivation which makes doing any of these things 10X more difficult, and the depression further grows. Its a vicious cycle, and to break it all you have to do is take one teeny tiny step towards “Loving Yourself❤️‍”.

5. Meditation

Yes, we have read it, and yes Huff post has advised us both for and against it!

But yes, there is definitive evidence that different techniques of meditation do help with improving symptoms of depression to a certain extent.One of the most researched ones is Mindfulness (Buddhist Meditation Technique) or its modern avatar “mindfulness-based cognitive therapy” (MBCT).

Again there are so many types of meditation techniques, find out which one is best for you here.

6. Pet Therapy 🙂

This one is way too close to my heart…! I would rather not give any explanation (you can google “pet therapy for depression” and find out for yourself).

If you are feeling all time low, just get a pet. And by get I mean adopt one. Remember they are not a piece of furniture that you buy (based on appearance!), they are alive, probably abandoned and waiting to be loved again! So gift yourself a furry friend today 🙂 Find a pet shelter near you (in Mumbai) here

Depression, my friends is a constant battle with ones very own self! Its a struggle, and the struggle is real… So if you have a loved one who is battling even a mild form of depression, you better not let them sink! These are the things you must keep in mind and things that you can try to help them-

  • Know that your loved one is withdrawn because of their internal turmoil, and not necessarily because of something you did or said.
  • If they are throwing a temper tantrum or sank deep into the hibernation, YOU STAY STRONG! YOU DO NOT SINK! YOU BE THEIR ROCK!!
  • This is the high time you be very honest and truthful to them. Do care for them and tend to their needs, but do not give into any temptation to tell lies/white lies/half truths just to spare them some momentary grief. Know that lies may seem like the best option in the worst situations but they will hurt and haunt them for a lifetime. Do show them mirror every once in a while without being too too harsh!
  • Be there. Be the ears to hear their emotional outbursts. Be the hands, to hold them when they are stumbling. Be the arms to hug them tight when they are shaking, and be the shoulders that they can cry upon! I know I am asking for a little too much here… But just be there!

Lastly but most importantly, if you or your loved ones are in fact dealing with depression, getting professional help is non-negotiable. Your mom may have your best interest in her heart but she may not be all too equipped to deal with your psychological problems! Hence, go for someone who knows what they are doing and has some hands on experience.

Find and consult with a psychotherapist near you at DawaiBox.

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Soniya Nikam, MS, RD.

Soniya Nikam, MS, RD.

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