Did you know “Food” can make you lazy?

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Hello everyone! Today we are going to talk about something which everyone faces at one point of time or other…Laziness!

My officemate and good friend Shivangi is someone who is working full time, attending college and prepping for competitive exams! Her biggest concern is despite eating healthy and exercising she still feels sleepy and lazy pretty much most of the time…What could be the reason?

One might guess that it’s because of lack of sleep, working overtime or overexertion in general. But did you know that the types of foods that we consume could be the root cause that can make us feel lethargic. We keep hearing that there are certain foods that affect our sleep cycle and hormones. So which are those foods? Let’s have a look-
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Those were the foods that maks us lazy.

Now here are my expert tips that will help you overcome that food induced laziness.

  • 6 Meals a day pattern– Keep your energy levels up all day by not skipping meals. When we skip a meal our blood sugar levels drop and our metabolism slows down..both these things makes us sluggish. So, to avoid this make sure to have breakfast, lunch, dinner, on time and also incorporate small snacks in-between meals.
  • Have plenty of fluids– Dehydration makes us feel dizzy as fluids are the base of all systems in our body. Also we feel having coffee or tea keeps us alert but if we have too many cups then later it makes us crash. Caffeine is a stimulant, not a sleep killer! It just blocks the sleep inducing chemicals and delays sleep temporarily.
  • Have foods rich in complex  carbohydrates– like whole fruits , whole grains etc.Do not cut carbohydrates completely .Carbohydrates are body’s most preferred source of energy .Our stamina will be reduced if we cut them completely.


Don’t stop eating cherries or bananas just because they might induce sleep, chances are that you are never going to eat big enough quantity for them to put you to sleep! Oh but you can and should cut back on the fried, processed and refined junk. Also while at it, do cut down on the caffeine as well. At first it will be difficult (as it is with quitting any addiction) but once you are past it, you will be able to see great surge in your energy levels…I promise 🙂

Shivali Chauhan, Nutritionist.

With 10 years of experience in the field of nutrition, Shivali specializes in Therapeutic and Sports Nutrition. She is also a founder of Diet & Health Directives. You can reach her at: shivalichauhan8@gmail.com

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