Yoga, Long walks and “Still No Weight Loss”! – Sounds familiar?

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Have you been trying Yoga, Jogging or Walking, in an attempt to lose Weight?

Many people try out Yoga, or cardio.

They even spend a load of time on the Treadmill or jogging in a park, only to see little or no results.


This brings them to wonder:

Why nothing is happening, even after putting in so much effort?
But the fact of the matter is that this is a very common scenario.


So, let me explain what is happening here.

Firstly, if you have just started cardio, you will see a bit of weight Loss, but it will soon plateau off. Some people might even see some weight gain after that.


So, what is happening here?

Basically, think of your body as this great machine, which wants to do things very efficiently.
When you start cardio, your body starts burning fats as energy. However, as it is this very efficient machine, it will start using lesser and lesser energy to do the same thing…

It is getting smart 🙂

So, the outcome is less fat burn, even though you continue running, or jogging or doing yoga.

Now don’t get me wrong:
Yoga, walking, jogging or running has it pros and must be a part of your routine when you are looking at holistic health.

Some benefits include:

Yoga not only ensures your body is flexible and toned, but also calms your mind. Walking, running and jogging not only is good for your heart, but also for your lungs. (1) (2)

But as a medium for weight Loss, these do not fare too well…


Your next question might then be:

So, what can I do, how can I lose weight effectively?

Now, you will want to trick your body and keep it guessing as to what is to come, if you want to see some good weight loss. What do I mean?


Let me explain further:

In a Cardio or yoga workout your body gets very quickly used to the routine. Now if you were to use different parts of your body in a workout, every now and then, your body would not get time to get used to any routine.


Your body has got smart, but you have got smarter😊

Any…how do you go about doing this???

That brings us to the answer – Resistance or Strength Training.

By Yoga too you might be working out different parts of your body, but the energy you expend is minuscule in comparison, so it essentially falls in the category of cardio.


yoga walks resistance training

When done right, you can keep this guess game up with your body, which will continuously try to adapt but will not get the chance to do so. Thus, you can be in a perpetual fat burning mode.

Another effect of Resistance training is that when you apply resistance to a muscle or group of muscles, there are minute tears that happen in them. (3)

Don’t worry this is normal. Now to repair these tears your body will be using a lot of energy even when you are resting.

Now can you see the difference in Cardio and Strength training/ Resistance training?

In cardio you used up energy only when working out, but with resistance training you continue using up energy long after your workout is complete, up to hours at times. (depending on the intensity of the workout) (4)

Now the concern I sometimes get, especially from Ladies is that:
Will this not make me gain muscle and look all manly (for the ladies)? Gents will love looking all bulked up. If you are a man reading this, I am not talking to you here…😊

This will never be the case, and here is a secret:
Actually, almost all the models in most of the feminine magazines do resistance training. (5)

Strength training Primer

Conversely, to look like a body builder takes a lot of effort in a different direction, and is never achieved by fluke. So, don’t worry you will not look like that. Unless you want to look like that and put in the effort in that direction. 😊

Thus, if you want to Lose Weight consistently, you should seriously consider resistance/strength training.

I will leave you with that thought…


Kneller Fernandes

Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist (NESTA Certified) He is also the Founder of “”. You can take up his FREE step by step, Weight Loss Challenge by clicking on the Link below: “Drop Down 5 Pounds in a Week”

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  1. Finding balance. I like to mix and match the 3. A little cardio/walking here, a little yoga there, and then some weights mixed it. Useful information. 🙂

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