Cinnamon: Spice your way up to a better health!

“Cinnamon, reminds me of winter mornings, a perfect of cup freshly brewed coffee with a warm cinnamon bun…pure heaven! Another distinct memory I have of cinnamon is of a little neighborhood girl (imagine snot bubbles oozing out of her nose) who used to chew on a whole cinnamon stick (she loved doing that!)… gross!   […]


If you wanna be fit, hit the gym, a classic suggestion what we often hear. But what if we don’t? Are gyms the only way of staying fit? Let’s find out…   Hello Everyone! Gyms are the hot trend these days. ”I am going to the gym!” Doesn’t this sentence sounds cool? There are different […]

Cold Pressed Juices: Trick or Treat?

Cold Pressed Juices!!! With every new generation, there is an advent of a new technology. This technology goes on to bust a lot of myths about how better could one make his/her health by investing in that particular technology. With every new invention, there is a promise to change the meaning of health and yes […]

This is why you should avoid eating out of plastic!

I was stunned when I looked into my kitchen, since it was 75% plastic! This was the first time I watched things so closely because I read a line somewhere “plastic is not safe to store all types of food” Before I start discussing on this topic, I want you to look around yourself to […]

Ashwagandha: everything you need to know about this stress buster!

Ashwagandha, literally means Smell of a Horse, the herb got the name because of the strong aroma that it’s roots emits. Botanical name is  Withania Somnifera and pet names are  Poison Gooseberry and  Indian Ginseng (no relation what so ever with Panax Ginseng). If you have been keeping up with health trends, I am sure […]

Adaptogens: Medicinal Herbs Revered Around the World

From snake bites to cancer and from infertility to diabetes, medicinal herbs and mushrooms have been used to treat all sorts of ailments. Across the cultures. And for thousands of years! What are Adaptogens? An Adaptogen is a substance that improves the body’s ability to adapt to stress.  [1] Stress that is induced by heat, […]

How to avoid “Weekend Weight Gain” Trap!

The entire week we strive hard to stick to our diet regime, but on weekends the diet is taken for a toss and our efforts get wasted. Don’t let the weekend ruin your progress of weight management. Here are few smart tips that will make sure you stick to your plan even on weekends: 1. […]

Produce Vs. Pills? The Never-ending Nutrition Debate.

“The million-dollar question, literally!” People, in general these days, tend to be aware and have heard of nutrition supplements. Even my Nani has heard of popular brands, selling different nutrients to people over the counter or via lucrative multi-level marketing and pyramid schemes. Thanks to prime-time TV adverts. Now to jump right in, we need […]