Cold Pressed Juices: Trick or Treat?

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Cold Pressed Juices!!! With every new generation, there is an advent of a new technology. This technology goes on to bust a lot of myths about how better could one make his/her health by investing in that particular technology. With every new invention, there is a promise to change the meaning of health and yes sometimes it is true to some extent too. Had it not been for technology, our lives wouldn’t have been as easy.

Among the countless techniques we see, the word ‘cold-pressed’ has really started to walk in, in our daily conversations (cold pressed oils, juices…). Ever thought what is it really? Let us make it simple for you then.

Nutritive Quality

Cold Pressed is a technique which separates the fiber from a particular food item without using any heat. This is the best part of cold processing. It, in turn, helps preserve the nutritive value of the food [fruit/vegetable in this case] and helps the food taste better; the oxidation process is also relatively slower.

Cold Pressed Juice

Better than Canned Juices

The concept of cold pressing is easily used on fruits and vegetables of which juices are made. They can be stored in a refrigerator easily for up to a week or a little more depending on the acidity level of the juice among a host of other factors. The amount of fiber and the fruit material you get to see in a cold pressed juice is much more than what you ideally would in a normal canned juice which contains ample amount of sugar and preservatives as well.

Checking Nutrition Labels

So while going in for a cold pressed juice, it becomes important to see and check the labels very very carefully. A cold pressed juice isn’t supposed to have any sweetener or preservative, just a combination of fruits and vegetables in varying quantities which lend the juice a particular taste, texture and flavor.

Not Very Economical

Well, because it is technology, something new that has come up, it will last a while, and would surely cost you a few extra bucks and regular trips to the grocery store. So stocking up on these cold pressed juices might fairly make your monthly budget[if you keep any!] go haywire as they are a little more expensive than the canned juices, or the market juice vala that you find or just in comparison with simple fruits.


But, if for once you sit down, close your eyes and think, why did the need of a cold pressed juice really come up? Not that they are bad or anything, but still, why? Have we as consumers, really become that lazy?

Are we so lazy, that we cannot sit up and peel an orange or a beetroot for ourselves? Have we become that dependent on technology that we need to be literally bottle fed? [And I thought those days as a baby was oh so over L!!]

Why as consumers have we become so dependent on anything and everything processed? Cold pressed juice is also a processed food in a way!

The only problem is that it is a juice of a fruit/vegetable! When you eat your fruits or vegetables, you eat the skin as well [only the ones that allow you to have one!]. The real actual fiber goes in your system, along with the vital minerals and vitamins [most of which are just below the skin, which we happily throw away] and in a controlled manner. You know the amount of fruit going in your system, but in a bottled form, do you have any idea how many fruits you had and in what quantity??

Now, I’m not saying here that a cold pressed juice is bad or something, if you really can’t carry a fruit and feel more comfortable with a bottle, go ahead, but ensure that you don’t have these at the rate of 2 bottle an hour!!

Don’t forget that you would be having your normal meals as well, and the larger the number of bottles of juices you drink, the more your calories consumed increase! You might end up gaining a few kilograms instead. [Oops!!]

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Ashmeeta Bhatia, Dietitian

Having a master's degree in the field of Clinical Nutrition, along with a background of intensive research on the subject, she guides people with different dietary requirements. From sports to people with varied lifestyles, she has catered to all during her stint with Fortis Memorial Research Institute. Working with corporates has been on top of her agenda to bring about a positive change in their lifestyles. So, while the corporates take care of the business needs, she takes care of the nutritional needs and keeps them going in the humdrum. She can be reached at for a consult.

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