Pregnancy Week 12

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You have reached the last week of the first Trimester… Hurray! You deserve a tight tight hug for courageously getting through what is arguably the toughest patch of the 9 month long journey.

This is for the dads: You can show your love, appreciation and support by giving mom a gentle back rub, feet rub, hand rub. Oh and did you know that if you try a belly rub at this point, the baby will be able to feel it, and even respond by squirming… cool right?

Baby’s Growth Chart

Your little one is almost 3 inch long now (as big as a plum/ Aloo Bukhar आलुबुखार) and weighs almost an ounce (~28g). Yes, now that all the vital organs and auxiliary organs have formed, baby’s only mission is “Growing & Getting Bigger”!

Baby’s Development

With eyes moving closer and  ear lobes are forming and ears moving to their rightful place, baby’s facial features are more prominent now. Baby’s intestines are growing so fast that because of lack of the space it extends into the umbilical cord, but in time it will recede into the stomach cavity so don’t you worry!

Baby’s posture is more straight now, bones are hardening, kidneys are functional (making urine) and baby is developing complex reflexes like sucking.

Your 12 weeks Pregnant Belly.

Since your uterus is growing up and outwards of your pelvic cavity, your belly has definitely started to show a little (or a lot, if you are carrying multiples or if this is not your first pregnancy). Right now might be the best time to let others know about your good news and get ready to receive belly rubs from acquaintances 😛 And while at it, why not start measuring your belly, or even better, start taking pictures so that you can look back at your journey…

Your Symptoms.

If you notice dark patches on your face and neck, know that those are quiet common during pregnancy. They are known as “Chloasma” or “Mask of Pregnancy”. These patches are caused by pregnancy hormones (just like Linea Nigra and darker areola) and usually go away after the birth of your child. You may also find difficulty passing regular stools as Relaxin relaxes your stomach and intestines, increasing the time food stays in digestive tract, means more absorption of water and nutrients and harder and dry stools (ouch!). Pregnancy hormones can cause gums to swell and bleed during brushing and flossing.

On a positive note, nausea subside and your appetite might come back up in full gear 🙂 Though women tend to feel headaches and dizziness due to fluctuating blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Watch What You Eat

Have you been getting ~1200-1300 mg of calcium daily from your diet and prenatals? Why is it important you ask? Because your baby is developing, for it’s bone formation, teeth formation, muscles formation and blood formation it is gonna need calcium.And if you do not consume the required Calcium, your body is going to leach it from your bones (yup! the baby is the priority now.). So it is imperative for your own health as well as the baby’s that you get enough calcium. Talk to your Doctor and Dietitian about it.

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Lactose Intolerant and Pregnant?

Say NO to medium and rare cooked meats. Eating raw and half done meats and eggs can put you and your baby at the risk of getting Toxoplasmosis.

No Sunny Side Ups for you till that little bugger is out!

Your Week 12 Pregnancy Checklist

  • We’re glad your appetite is back, but hold your horses and do not start eating for two! Putting on weight suddenly may cause stretch marks. For a steady weight gain, stick to a balanced and healthy diet.
  • Continue doing Kiegel’s Exercises.
  • Continue taking your prenatal vitamins.

Present content is not a medical advise nor should it be substituted for one. Please consult a certified medical professional for medical consultation.

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