Pregnancy Week 13

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We got a fingerprint, we got a match… there is a match Sir

locate the culprit then, come on, get on it!

Errr Sir, he’s still in the womb…

Say what!?

Sorry for the PJ pals, what we meant to tell you is that your little one has got distinct and unique fingerprints now.  And not just fingerprints, he/she has got vocal cords too…. Say Whaa♪♪♪♪t!

How big is your baby now?

Your little sweet pea is now about 3¾ Inches long (as long as a medium sized goldfish) and weighs about 35 g. And if you have not seen an actual goldfish yet, then think about a pea pod, your baby is as long as a pea pod now… that should do it 🙂

Your Baby’s Growth

Your little nemo can now swim, stretch, flex…do all kinds of cool tricks with growing arms and legs. His/her skin is covered with fine hair known as “Lanugo” Baby’s kidneys are functioning and baby is pee-peeing into the amniotic fluid now (worry not, your amniotic fluid changes every few hours). Baby’s pancreas is producing insulin, and gallbladder is storing bile. And remember the bone marrow, well it is now maturing and producing White Blood Cells (WBCs) which will come handy while fighting infections after birth.

Baby’s lungs are getting ready to breath, and diaphragm is getting stronger by causing hiccups. Baby is exercising every muscle in the body by flexing it to strengthen it.

Your 13 week pregnant Belly

If you notice little red lines with indentations (different texture) appearing on your belly, those are going to turn into stretch marks as your belly grows. There is no saying who will get them and who won’t. The tendency of getting stretch marks is hereditary. Though you can not stop them from appearing, you certainly can reduce their appearance by keeping your belly well moisturised with Vitamin E oil or lotion. And you know what else helps… Not Itching!

Are you gaining a lot of weight suddenly? Know that though weight gain is desirable and recommended during pregnancy, sudden gain is unnecessary and can even be a cause of concern for you and for the baby! So, how much should you gain during second trimester?

  • If you were underweight before getting pregnant, you need to gain  1-1.3 pounds per week.
  • If you were normal weigh before getting pregnant, you need to gain 0.8-1 pounds per week
  • If you were overweigh before getting pregnant, you need to gain 0.5-0.7 pounds per week
  • And if you were obese pre pregnancy, then you need to gain just 0.4-0.6 pounds per week

So consuming just about 300 extra calories from healthy and wholesome food sources will do the trick. No need to “Eat For Two”!

Your Symptoms

Now that pesky nausea and fatigue is gone, you might feel a lot more energetic and a lot more perky. Good news, you libido might kick in, and the bad news is your breast might still be not just tender but also lumpy! These lumps are caused by mammary ducts gearing up to produce milk soon. In fact they might already be producing colostrum (first milk).

Heartburn is a new symptom that might emerge during second trimester. Here are some tips to manage acidity/heartburn, read-

Acidity: Why you need to stop ignoring the symptoms right now!

Your Pregnancy Week 13 Checklist

  • Start Reading Childcare and childbirth related books.
  • Inform your co workers and your boss about your good news. Also review your company’s policies regarding Maternity Leave.
  • Continue your Kiegel floor exercises. You can also add swimming or water exercises into your routine as they will be easy on your strained joints.
  • Continue taking your prenatal vitamins.

Present content is not a medical advise nor should it be substituted for one. Please consult a certified medical professional for medical consultation.

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