Pregnancy Week 34

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Get even more excited now! Your baby should now weigh 4.75 pounds, his growth is happening at the speed of rocket. Just imagine an 18 inch baby is right inside there, in your womb, eating, sucking, sleeping and more important getting ready to come right in your arms.

Baby’s Size

As big as a Cantaloupe

  • Your baby’s fat layers have filled up wonderfully by now, which will help him regulate his temperature once he comes out and even makes him look chubby and cute. Skin is smoother than ever, no wrinkles just too clean and soft. Ohh! I can just recollect that feel, so delicate and smooth.
  • Ohh and yes I’m sure mums are worried about preterm labor as 34th -37th week is the most common for that one. But there is good news, babies born between this time span and have no other health issues will still do fine. They may need a short stay in the neonatal nursery, but in long run they usually do as well as full term babies as their catch up growth is very good.
  • Your baby’s movements can slow down as soon as the delivery approaches, this is because they have less space now to move.
  • It’s the time to start singing some bedtime rhymes and stories as your baby is able to hear and partially remember them too. This is the time you can start building up the perfect rapport.
  • He will also get into a lot of sucking movements to get just ready for D-day.

For mothers

  • The common symptoms will still be there like constipation, hemorrhoids, fatigue, swollen ankles etc.
  • If you notice itchy red bumps or welts on your belly, thighs and buttocks as well, it can be a condition called puritic urticarial papules and plaques or pregnancy (PUPPP) sounds much shorter and better I feel. Only 1% of pregnant woman develop PUPPP which is harmless but can be uncomfortable. If you face severe itchiness or feel too uncomfortable take help of medical professional.
  • Frequent urination is the most common issue which doesn’t mean that you lower fluid intake, continue with the same but make sure you empty the bladder completely bend forward (as much as you can as have a big big belly now , chuckles) and try to empty your bladder completely.
  • Your breast may start becoming heavy now so make sure you wear a light weight bra.
  • Because your pregnancy hormones relax your joints in preparation for the birth it’s very important to take care about your movements. If you are still exercising make sure you are not giving sudden jerks to the body, do low impact activities now. Always make sure you bend your knees instead of the back when you pick things and avoid lifting heavy weights, actually I could have skipped this point as I’m sure your family members will be taking care of this by default.
  • Are you experiencing blur vision? Well this is yet another part of the body that can fall prey to pregnancy hormones. Along with blurred vision the tear production in the eyes also slowes down which leaves behind dry eyes. The one who use lenses will have an increased effect consider glasses during pregnancy. Ooppps! I forgot to mention this change is also temporary.

Check list

  • Take some breast feeding classes or read more on the right techniques.
  • Concentrate more on breathing exercises.
  • Talk to your baby as that will help him recognize you when he comes out in the real world, perfect rapport building actually.
  • Start accumulating things that you would need , and keep a bag ready.

Phew!! I never knew there was so much behind pregnancy until I started writing these. Hope you’re not having a tough time, make sure you take good care of yourself now and concentrate a little on breathing exercises to remain stress free.

Happy 34th week !

Present content is not a medical advise nor should it be substituted for one. Please consult a certified medical professional for medical consultation.

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