Pregnancy Week 14

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With both feet into the Second Trimester, now is the time to say ta-tah to the annoying first trimester symptoms and say yes to the relief from puking your guts out. Welcome to the 14th Week of your pregnancy 🙂


How Big is Your Baby?

Your little pea is almost the size of a Peach already (little over 4 inches)! And he/she weighs almost 2 ounces (50 gram). Isn’t that crazy?

Baby’s Development

Now we already know that the baby is trying it’s best to grow rest of her/his body and not to look like a bobblehead. To do that baby’s arms are now getting longer in proportion. Growth has it’s perks, growth means more space for organs which is why baby’s intestines are now moving back into the abdominal cavity.

Do you love all the cute faces littler babies make? Who doesn’t! Well, your little one is getting all the necessary training and prep to make you go “Aww” by making frowny, and squinty faces. All thanks to baby’s growing brain 🙂

Your 14 Week Pregnant Belly

You are most probably showing a little bump now, but it’s not too huge yet (unless you are carrying multiples). So with your nausea cutting you some slack and with no huge bump restricting your movements, now is the time you start planning a relaxing getaway. According to American College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, safest time to travel during a pregnancy is between weeks 18-24. But always check with your gynaec first.

Your Symptoms

Morning sickness be gone, sleepless nights be banished… but who are these new tenants?

Heartburn, Headache, and Stuffy Nose!

Many women say that they will take the trade off though. These three are very much manageable. With nausea subsided, you will see an increase in your appetite. The Stuffy nose or Rhinitis is caused by increased blood to the mucus membrane of the nose (blame progesterone…). It is a fairly harmless condition, but do not treat it with over the counter medications as they might not be safe for the baby. Check with your doctor.

Your Week 14 Pregnancy Checklist

  • Plan out your meals to avoid binging and gaining excessive weight.
  • Check with you gynaec about need of Second trimeste Screening.
  • Plan a babymoon
  • Try and stay stress free. Love, Live and Laugh…A lot 🙂

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Present content is not a medical advise nor should it be substituted for one. Please consult a certified medical professional for medical consultation.

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