Pregnancy Week 17

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For all of you who ever wondered when did I start putting on Fats? Well, the answer is since the 17th Week of your stay Inn-Uterus 😛

How big is your baby?

Your little fatty is about 5 ¾ inches long this week (as big as a pomegranate) and weighs about 4 ounces (110 grams)

Baby’s Growth

If you have grown up in India or the subcontinent, you are bound to hear about the legend of Abhimanyu. The pandava prince who eavesdropped on the conversation between his mother and uncle about how to infiltrate enemy’s impenetrable military formation (Chakravyuha). Point to be noted here is that Abhimanyu heard this from inside his mother’s womb. And from this week onward your little one can hear you too… Baby’s sense of hearing is developing fast, so start talking to her/him. Remember it’s never too early to bond with your baebae or teach her a thing or two 🙂

Baby’s umbilical cord is getting stronger and with growing body, baby now weighs more than the placenta itself. Baby’s eyes are looking forward now and in coming weeks baby will be able to do a complete 360 degree eye roll.

Another important landmark of baby’s growth is the formation of fat tissues. Baby has started depositing brown fat and also white fat. Both of these are important for temperature control and for metabolism.

Your 17 Week Pregnant Belly

As you have started to show, you might be interested in feeling your belly/uterus. Learn how to locate your uterus during early pregnancy HERE. Your growing uterus will start pressing on to your diaphragm and pushing onto your intestines which can cause shortness of breath and also constipation.

Your Symptoms

Allergies: Allergies like asthma and breathing problems tend to flare up during pregnancy due to increased congestion. Talk to your healthcare provider about what allergy medications are safe for you and your baby.

Sciatica: Sciatic is the longest nerve in the body that runs from lower back, from behind the uterus and down to the legs. Your growing uterus may put pressure on it which can cause Sciatic Nerve Pain. Staying in one position for a prolonged period of time can make the pain even worse. So try and take frequent walks or at least switch the positions if you must keep seated. Some forms of stretching help alleviate the muscle tension and help with the pain. Read more HERE.

Piles: or haemorrhoids are swollen veins in the neither region that cause bleeding during passing of stool. All that increased blood and circulation puts pregnant women at a greater risk of developing piles. Suggested Read,

Piles: Relief from pain with 7 easy tips

Increased Vaginal Discharge: With all the increased blood flow to the uterine and vaginal area, expect to see more of the clear and odourless discharge. Invest in those panty liners I would suggest.

Your Week 17 Pregnancy Checklist

  • Discuss Maternity leave and work from home with your HR.
  • Discuss with your partner about starting a college fund for the baby.
  • Join a forum where you can discuss issues with other expecting mothers.
  • Continue taking your prenatal vitamins.

Present content is not a medical advise nor should it be substituted for one. Please consult a certified medical professional for medical consultation.

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