Pregnancy Week 20

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Congratulations! You’re half way there already and might we add, the first half was a rough patch, so great job on getting through…


How big is your baby at 20 weeks?

as big as a big bell pepper (~7 ¾ inches long) and weighs about 9 ounces (260 grams)

Baby’s Growth So far

Get your diapers ready mom and dads, baby has started making her very first poop! Actually it’s not real stool, it is a blackish, bluish, greenish excretion that is known as “meconium”. Meconium is a result of baby ingesting amniotic fluid and dead cells as well as lanugo in it. It may also contain some bile residues. Babies often have their first stool after birth, but in some cases they do it in uterus itself, which taints the amniotic fluid. This tainted, greenish amniotic fluid is called “meconium liquor”.

As baby’s taste senses are developing, baby is gulping a lot more amniotic fluid now. And just so you know your baby is getting a taste of whatever it is that you are putting in your mouth. Research shows that maternal diet shapes baby’s taste preferences…Need any better reason to lay off chips and burgers and start eating vegetables?

Baby is building immunity slowly. Most of it is what is being transferred from mother to the baby. Now you know why it is important to build your own immunity and stay up to date with imunization schedule, don’t you?

Your Belly

Your uterus has grown 3X it’s original size and has now reached till your belly button now. Your healthcare provider will now start measuring your fundal height (from top of pubic bone till top of the uterus). The ratio of your pregnancy week and fundal height in centimetre should ideally be 1:1 (in your 20th week of pregnancy fundal height should be 20cm). A deviance of 3 cm and your doctor will do an ultrasound!

Speaking of ultrasound, you are due for a mid pregnancy ultrasound. This will be a detailed one in which doctor/technician will check all of baby’s vital organs (heart, kidneys, lungs, brain etc.) to make sure baby is growing just fine. In this ultrasound you will be able to see your little pea’s face clearly 🙂 Make sure to take a print with you…

Your Symptoms

Urinary Tract Infections: are common as it is but with pregnancy and the immune compromised state, you are more at risk for urogenital infections. Best practice is drink plenty of water, try and empty your bladder every time you go to the loo.

Continue doing 10 minute stretching to cope up with round ligament pain and leg cramps. And last but not the least, don’t forget to de-stress and smile 🙂

Pregnancy Week 20 Checklist

  • Schedule your mid pregnancy ultrasound.
  • This one is for the dads: help the mom as much as possible. Even a little bit of help around the household will be appreciated.
  • Continue taking your prenatal vitamins.

Present content is not a medical advise nor should it be substituted for one. Please consult a certified medical professional for medical consultation.

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