Is Fasting The Best Way For Weight Loss??

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Whenever I start writing any article, I read a lot about what has been said and researched and talk to people in general especially if it’s something pertaining to weight loss! Now weight loss is a topic which is really close to people’s heart, and are after it with more fervour than they would be after their passion!

It’s good to have a goal, amazing to have the drive to achieve it, but one should really do something that would give them the desired results that would last for a longer time and also not play with their peace of mind!

So once I started working on this article, these were the statements that I got to hear from people around me:

If we don’t eat anything, we won’t gain any weight! Liquid diet is the best.


Fruits are the only carbs that I consume on weekdays, Sunday is total cheat day! So I hog on everything that I can lay my hands on!


Fasting I feel has helped me. I fast for a few days, lose some weight, get back to eating and then start fasting again.


Removed wheat, rice and all other gluten products from my diet, had lost a lot in the beginning, now nothing is happening.

And of course,

I start my day with some fruits or juice, fast through the day and have one big meal at night. I do feel sleepy and weak at times, but it’s okay. You got to do something to lose it.

Wooh! These were just the basic one’s that I thought could be incorporated! I know you are also nodding your head in affirmation, that these were a few things that you did in an attempt to lose those kilos! Maybe a wedding, maybe a function! Looking good and trying to lose fat to be healthier and fitter than you were is an amazing thing, but whatever one does always remember the long term consequences. It would take your game to another level.

Now let’s see what happens when your body goes through a state of fasting in very simple terms:

People fast for a number of reasons; it could be for religious purposes, for losing weight or just detoxification. So weight loss whenever happens, it is a process of losing carbohydrates from the body. If the carbohydrates aren’t replenished, the body starts tapping into fat to burn energy for its processes.

Now remember, this process takes time and if you fast very often, the body goes into a starvation mode. And if the body goes into starvation mode, it recognises that a low caloric intake would be a regular feature and starts saving whatever fat/ energy it can get as a reserve to survive.

And hence also causes muscle loss. After approximately 16 hours of fasting, the body starts producing glucose [source of energy] from amino acids [proteins are made from amino acids]. If the body doesn’t have enough of amino acids, it will start breaking the muscle protein, and break them down to amino acids and use this for energy production. So if you check your weight after 2-3 days of fasting and notice that it has somewhat reduces, congratulations! You have been successful in losing your water and muscle weight, but the fat remains as is!

Now this was the easiest and the simplest way of explaining what happens when you are fasting with the intention of losing weight. You might also feel quite dizzy, nauseous, fatigue and get a lot of headache, as well [All of this due to low energy levels!!].

So this is not the healthiest way of losing fat from the body. Yes, I say fat because, that is the real component that would bring a change in the appearance of the body, the appearance that you are looking at. When you fast in such a manner, the body only loses water and muscle but fat which is the real culprit is left behind. There is a reason that nutritionists tell you to “Eat Right”, the benefits of doing this might take a little while to show up, but the positive effects would last much longer. And that is a much healthier and a safer way of reducing and maintaining the fat in the body.

Ashmeeta Bhatia, Dietitian

Having a master's degree in the field of Clinical Nutrition, along with a background of intensive research on the subject, she guides people with different dietary requirements. From sports to people with varied lifestyles, she has catered to all during her stint with Fortis Memorial Research Institute. Working with corporates has been on top of her agenda to bring about a positive change in their lifestyles. So, while the corporates take care of the business needs, she takes care of the nutritional needs and keeps them going in the humdrum. She can be reached at for a consult.

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