Simple Solution for All Your Lactation Problems!

After all the terror in the labor room, the second terror in every mothers thought process is LACTATION. Every mother faces some or the other challenges during this phase of life and feels helpless if she doesn’t have any experience. So what do you do in such a case? Here are some quick fixes for […]

Sleep during pregnancy: the science behind those ZZZs

When your hormones are going haywire and you’ve got a bump the size of a basketball, it’s not always easy to get enough quality shut-eye. After an exhausting day of nourishing the life inside you, you might pass out after walking through the door, or you might be tossing and turning so that you get […]

Kegel exercise: Everything you need to know about it.

Kegel exercises are named after Arnold Kegel, an OBGYN who first published their benefits in 1948. Pelvic floor exercise is also known as kegel exercise.The main role is of pelvic muscle i.e. kegel muscle. Kegel is an Exercise designed to help in strengthening the muscle in the pelvic region through muscle contraction, it helps in […]

Liquorice: Traditional Uses, Cough Remedy and much more…

“Ever heard of Liquorice? How about मुलेठी? यष्टिमधु? ज्येष्ठमध??” Well they are all different names of the same herb. Botanical name is Glycyrrhiza Glabra. And the part of this herb that has historically been used around the world and across the cultures is “it’s Root”. Liquorice literally means “Sweet Root”, and यष्टिमधु also means “a sweet stick”. Liquorice root […]

Steroid Medications and Weight Struggle: A Vicious Cycle!

Recently I had a case, the woman was 40 something, eating healthy, exercising daily, nothing I could put my finger on…but still she was gaining weight. After a thorough investigation figured out that she was in fact taking a steroid medication to treat her autoimmune hepatitis which was breaking havoc on her metabolism! Now to […]

BARLEY: The super grain for pregnancy

If you can recollect, I had mentioned about barley water in my previous blog ‘FIRST TRIMESTER NUTRITION: Giving your baby the best start!’ but little did I mention about its whys and hows there since Barley and It’s Benefits for pregnant moms is a topic worth of an article of it’s own. So, here we […]

Diet and Lifestyle tips to manage Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), almost 90% of women experience it at some time in their life. And some unfortunate ones like myself experience it on and off for years! Despite being a woman I never really gave PMS a thought as I was not affected by it for almost all my 20s and first half of […]

FIRST TRIMESTER NUTRITION: Giving your baby the best start!

Hello Everyone! Hope you had a great start to the new year! For those of you who went through my first blog “Everything you need to know about the first trimester of pregnancy”, now we come to one of the most searched-for and essential topics in our pregnancy series, NUTRITION DURING PREGNANCY. This time we […]

Everything You Need To Know About Anti-Candida Diet!

Hello everyone! Have you heard of a diet that helps you get rid of fungal infections? Yes you’re right, it is the Anti-Candida Diet! Recently, it has made a lot of buzz all around and we get to see many testimonials on the Internet praising this diet. So today, let’s browse through and get to […]

Everything you need to know about the first trimester of pregnancy.

Being pregnant is a life-changing event that every woman looks forward to. And, seeing those 2 lines on a home pregnancy test strip indicating I am expecting a baby, has been the most joyous and exciting time in my life too! However, it was also an event surrounded by happiness, turmoil, stress, and worry – […]