Truth or Myth: Ghee is “Heart Attack on a plate”!

Which is the one advise that you get showered with most after being diagnosed with any kind of heart disease?  “Sharmaji, now you must cut down on Ghee and oily stuff!” Am I right or what? Now, why Ghee? What is Ghee REALLY? Ghee, a close relative of the Clarified Butter, is a fat derived […]

A Dietitian’s Verdict: “Which is the best Oil For Cooking?”

Despite being a dietitian, just like many of you, I find asking myself this same question every time I am in the oil aisle of a grocery shop; “What oil should I buy? Which one is the best for me and my family’s health?” Though I have duly studied Nutrition for 6 years and even […]

Multiple Sclerosis: understanding body’s internal strife!

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic, unpredictable disease of the central nervous system (CNS). Now, what is CNS? 👈 This, your brain and your spinal cord together are called Central Nervous System. CNS controls most functions of the body and the cognition. Specific types of cells that are present only in CNS are called “Neurons”. Now […]

Dementia: What is it? What feeds it? And how to prevent it?

“Have you ever seen a person with dementia? Have you met one? You probably have but you were not aware of their health condition and probably thought that they have lost their marbles!” This is what usually happens! A neighboring grandma suddenly started forgetting everything, her name, her children, and grand children’s names, slowly she […]

Things you need to know about Emotional Eating!

“Down on sleep, down on the budget, down on time and high on cortisols, coming home to an empty apartment via a quick trip to the 7/11 store (to sack up on cheap Ramen Noodles of course); can you guess what I would have had for Dinner that night? Or as a matter of fact […]

Lactose Intolerant and Pregnant?

Did you know that more than 60% of world’s population is lactose intolerant! Oh, you did! Oh..ok. I guess if you are already here reading an article on such a specific topic then you probably are either lactose intolerant or pregnant or both and have done your research alright! And if you haven’t already then […]

“Protein needs during pregnancy…and adequacy of vegetarian diet?”

“Are you Veg or Non-Veg?”! No, I am not talking about plants or animals (pun totally intended)! That is just Indian way of asking whether you are a Vegetarian or a non-vegetarian 😛 [ctt template=”3″ link=”Cgad5″ via=”yes” ]Approximately 1/6th of world’s population lives in India and about 1/3rd of those are Lacto-vegetarians…that is A LOT OF […]

How can I make my baby eat more?

The other day I was visiting my brother in law, and saw my new little nephew graze onto carrot sticks like it was the yummiest thing in the world! He’s 15 months old and eats regular food and dare I say, with a smile on his face… This made me go “Aww…” and also at […]