How to get fussy toddler to eat more!

Have you been lately running around your house with a plate of food in one hand and a morsel in the other? Or you’ve been setting your youtube channel constantly on CHU CHU TV or Jingle Toons just to feed your little monster? Well, you are not the only one. Its a common household scenario […]

Gestational Diabetes: 3 things your Dietitian wants you to know…

What is scarier than being diagnosed with Diabetes and more nerve wrecking than pregnancy you ask! Ever heard of Gestational Diabetes? Last week a friend of mine approached me for guidance regarding the same and I thought I can probably help more women by doing an article, hence THIS! If you are here, reading an […]

A Dietitian’s Verdict: “Which is the best Oil For Cooking?”

Despite being a dietitian, just like many of you, I find asking myself this same question every time I am in the oil aisle of a grocery shop; “What oil should I buy? Which one is the best for me and my family’s health?” Though I have duly studied Nutrition for 6 years and even […]

Lactose Intolerant and Pregnant?

Did you know that more than 60% of world’s population is lactose intolerant! Oh, you did! Oh..ok. I guess if you are already here reading an article on such a specific topic then you probably are either lactose intolerant or pregnant or both and have done your research alright! And if you haven’t already then […]

“Protein needs during pregnancy…and adequacy of vegetarian diet?”

“Are you Veg or Non-Veg?”! No, I am not talking about plants or animals (pun totally intended)! That is just Indian way of asking whether you are a Vegetarian or a non-vegetarian 😛 [ctt template=”3″ link=”Cgad5″ via=”yes” ]Approximately 1/6th of world’s population lives in India and about 1/3rd of those are Lacto-vegetarians…that is A LOT OF […]

How can I make my baby eat more?

The other day I was visiting my brother in law, and saw my new little nephew graze onto carrot sticks like it was the yummiest thing in the world! He’s 15 months old and eats regular food and dare I say, with a smile on his face… This made me go “Aww…” and also at […]