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We Are Now Accepting GUEST POSTS!

Whether you are a newbie and want to kick-start your content writing career, or already an established blogger looking to branch out, you have come to the right place…


DawaiBox Health Reads is now accepting guest posts. We will be glad to hear from you if you are someone-

  • Who has a healthcare background and would like to write about health-related topics.
  • Believes in science and wants to produce scientifically correct content. We strive to produce Clinically sound and evidence-based content.
  • Who has unique ideas and writes original content: Blog sphere is brimming with mediocre and blatantly stolen content. So make no mistake, every submission will go through plagiarism and quality check.
  • Who is good with following deadlines.

If interested, write to us @-

Note: In your introductory email please make sure to include these things-

  • Your Name, Educational Qualification and your area of expertise. You can choose to share your CV or link to the LinkedIn account.
  • If you have written before, share the link(s) to your previous content. For freshers, we may ask you to write a fresh piece for us.
  • And most importantly, be creative with your email (as it too is a piece of content and sample of your writing!)

Hoping to hear from you soon…